Would You Take a Baby to a Party?

Monsoon season in Thailand means lots of rain. Since we are living in a five star hotel whatever will happen (three days of power outage for example) will not hit us too badly. 

Perhaps, at the moment, outdoor, safari style activities are not the best for us.
What is that?! A Maison Bentley Style party?! Sounds just what we need to take our minds off the rain…

Zoárd and I went down to the general manager’s (aka my husband’s) office. He was thrilled to hear about the party we were invited to.

I think the key to a good party with an infant is discussing the rules.

We did not have to talk too much about “rules”, the boys took this party very seriously. When you go on a celebration to the North part of Thailand this is a very appropriate hat to wear. Though I think Maison Bentley does not live up North…

Let’s get in the car and party!!!

Zoárd was in charge of complimenting all the art work at the party. 

Obviously, I was not the queen of cocktails but I kept saying how delicious the coffee was. (I have no idea how the whipped cream got in to my mug…)

When Zoárd became slightly tired of all the partying. My husband read him a very exciting tale about all sorts of exciting characters.

I thought about adding a picture of the rain but who cares about the rain?! We had a great time! Thank you!!!

What do you personally think about taking children to events that are meant to be for grown-ups?


20 thoughts on “Would You Take a Baby to a Party?

  1. I wish it wouldn’t have to be so divided. But I’ve taken a baby into a party many times, if it has gotten rowdy, I’ve left (so depends on the party if i find it ok). But when the kids start moving quickly, it normally means no time to talk to anyone anyway, so then I’ve left them/ stayed home (The worst ones are the ones where the hosts really want all of you to come and “it is ok”, and then you arrive with your 1yo and there are candles, glass decorations, bottles and all other kind of no-no’s everywhere but not too mane yes’ s). But if there are other kids and a garden, then a “side party” among parents can be fun too.

    • The term side party sounds very nice. I am obviously not experienced in these matters being a first time mom.
      Sometimes we have to show up to certain events and they are not my favorite because all these strangers want to hold Zoárd, take their pictures with him and pull his leg. Hm.

  2. The boys loook lovely in their hats.
    You look super elegant for your coffee. And the whipped cream looks great on your coffee.
    I think it depends on the party and the baby. If the baby cries too much it might disrupt others, or also if the house is not child proof it might also cause a problem. I don’t think I have taken a baby to an adult party before.

  3. Looks like babes had a great time! I am not really going out at night much with Nicky, but I agree with the above commenter, it depends on the party.
    Ps that cream coffee looks yummy!

  4. Going to a party with a baby is challenging! Depending on what kind of party you go to and if the host has children, he/she wouldn’t mind fidgety kids. Love your baby lying on the floor pic!

  5. The party hats were so cute, and your coffee looked yummy, my dear! I think it really depends on your relationship to the host and the type of party it is. You did the right thing, in my opinion, by communicating about it. I have been to parties that would have been totally inappropriate for children, but I have also been to some where one or two couples brought a kid and it was really fun.

    • This was only a virtual, blog party…. 😉
      And the salted caramel latte with whipped cream is not something I would normally drink (and it is in connection with your post… ) 🙂

  6. I have heard that taking babies and children to parties is more common in Europe. And it’s true I have a friend in Italy who brought her little boy since infancy almost (he’s now 11) to every fashion week party and event and he has grown up very sociable, can interact with anyone. However I don’t have children so I really wouldn’t know; maybe a downside will become evident. It would depend on what behavior is expected at the party for sure…

  7. Someone always arrives late at a party… just as all the other guests are leaving. Today that is me. I actively avoid taking my kids to parties (less fun for me)… but when they were babies they came everywhere, usually strapped to me like a fashion statement!

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