We Left The Island For My Birthday

I am never going to write a post again if I cannot let go the idea of showing You ALL the pictures I like from our trip.

For my 34th birthday my husband surprised me by giving me the best birthday present ever. Spending time together far away from his work. If you do not already know where we flew to, you are welcome to take a guess

Since we live in a five star hotel, I had to find the modest university student in me, who used to be nervous upon entering a simple restaurant. I think I can say that I found her! I was able to enjoy everything almost as much as Zoárd did…

I made so many hints to my poor husband that I insist on having a birthday cake, that I ended up enjoying one in the morning and to our surprise the hotel also prepared a birthday cake for me. 

This was the view from our room and if this is not helping You to guess where we flew to than maybe nothing will… HAHA

We went to a lot of cafes and we tried to walk as much as it was possible since we miss our big walks from the time we lived in Europe.

It was dream like to spend this much time together.

I am satisfied easily on a vacation. I like to stare at people and I prefer to bring back memories of them.

Can I take back what I just wrote?! Maybe not everyone would enjoy being on a vacation with me because it is one thing that I like to pose with stuffed animals but I also believe in team spirit when it comes to having “fun”… My husband was very supportive as you can see…

My husband also had some ideas of his own. He likes to eat things like noodle soup with beef and grilled duck. So now that you know who likes to do what it will be a piece of cake to guess who was inspired when I took the following pictures. Oh by the way: the cool, elderly couple took this picture of us and I also took a picture of them (with my camera before I talked to them and with their camera after I offered to take their pictures).


I found these people hanging around in the lobby of our hotel…

We got free tickets to go to an aquarium. This was a little bit out of our comfort zone but we went with the flow.

I realized that fish make me very relaxed. Look at the awesome picture I took of this… hm… fish.

I saw some fish in trees!

Not everyone was paying attention…

The tailor shop was not a hit either…

So we showed Zoárd this very famous bar and he got breastfed.

But no worries! We understand that Zoárd needs slightly more entertainment…

Reading at the hotel…

Reading on the floor…

I think I should publish this post before I have to start all over. For some reason, I am denied adding more pictures. Message taken.




42 thoughts on “We Left The Island For My Birthday

  1. Happy birthday! You look like you had loads of fun out of the hotel. Wow, your little guy is GROWING, he is such a sweetie! Haha, didn’t know there was a limit to the number of pictures you could add to a post 😉 Take care!

  2. Happy belated birthday! Was that cheesecake that you had for your birthday? It looked divine, and it seems that Zoard agreed with me. 😉 Did he end up swiping one of those berries from your cake? He looks awfully close- LOL.

    • I just answered your previous comment and thought to myself. Did Casey know I just finished reading the same book she just finished reading or is this a coincidence?

      My first cake was coconut cake (specialty of this island -island of coconuts…) and yes, my second cake was a cheese cake. Zoárd is still not eating really but he is showing interest. He tried some plums and clementines which were in the fruit basket of our hotel room. We were pampered… 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday!!! What a great surprise for you, I lived in Singapore for about 6 years so I love it, just wish I could go over and visit easily, your photos make me want to fly there now!! x

    • Zoárd has a curiosity towards eating but he still chooses breast milk to eat. Which is interesting since he will be 10 months old next week… HAHA Well, more cake for me! 😛

  4. I also like taking pictures of people i dont know. They just bring back the atmosphere of the place. Happy Birthday friend.

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