Could You Give Me My 4th Topic

This is a sensitive topic but I need a topic to get a conversation going. We have a dear friend who needs help when it comes to story telling and he is coming over tonight. I know it is not nice to talk about your friends behind their backs but I did say he was a DEAR friend. Does that make it better?

Zoárd did not take his second nap so it will be challenging for me to keep the conversation rolling.

So far, what I came up with are:

I will ask what he thinks about dressing babies in pink (when their boys).

What do you think?

Then I will ask him what he thinks of the new Volvo commercial. Have you seen it?

And my third topic will be my black eye.

Can you see it?

Please give me ideas for a 4th topic or a 5th or just come on over… 


25 thoughts on “Could You Give Me My 4th Topic

  1. I am sorry about your eye 😦 Put some ice on it. I don’t think your guest will have a problem with baby boys dressing in pink 🙂 Zoard does look more feminine in this pink sleeping sack. So strange that a color can do that. I don’t dress the boys in pink, or purple, but they do wear red. Talk about Singapore, ask what his plans are for the near future, ask how his partner is, ask when can you 2 go for cofee etc….

  2. Oh no you poor thing! The exact same thing happened to me when Casper was a baby just before we were going away for a weekend with the Juvenile Arthritis Charity (with lots of people we’d never met). My poor husband was mortified in case they thought he’d done it! XXX

  3. Hmm… why are your posts not showing up in my feed?!?!?! :/ Clarke has given me a few bumps, too! I’m sure something interesting will come up in conversation… just let it flow naturally! P.S. I think girls that wear boyish clothing and boys that wear girlish clothing is TOTALLY AWESOME. That is all. x

  4. I found your blog through Beth’s latest post 🙂 Ouch that black eye looks nasty. What was your fourth topic in the end? Rosie x

    • Our friend loves to exchange what we know about other people who also live on this island. And since he does not use Facebook I showed him the latest pictures of a girl who owns a small cafe and of a guy who dresses very stylishly. 😛
      I am very glad you found my blog! 🙂

  5. my lil guy knocked me in the face trying to give me a hug the other day, hard lil heads! I think every boy should wear pink sometimes. And that is a great video….I think you chose 3 great topics that should keep conversation going for a while 🙂

    • I am going to master self-defense around Zoárd. 😛
      Sorry about your accident!
      This sleeping sack Zoárd had on has a simple story: I already bought him 3 fleece sleeping bags (because his first winter was in Spain) and I felt I need to buy him 2 cotton ones for Thailand. There was like a 50% sale on the pink one so I ordered it along with blue one but I tell you Kerry, the blue one looks just as girly. 🙂

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