Have You Ever Swapped Packages With a Fellow Blogger?

I spent the first seven years of my life in a communist country. Many things that we considered cool or even magical where abroad. Getting a package from a foreign country even if it was thoroughly checked by customs was a huge event!

Now with online ordering and traveling made easier this excitement of receiving a package has changed… or has it?!

I still see some things as “modern treats” of the Western world and eye brow products are among them. None of my friends back in Hungary use special gels to make their eye brows look more flattering.Β 

When Beth was posting about her make-up and I saw the eye brow gel she uses, I felt the little girl inside me getting excited about someone else’s lovely, grown-up stuff.

Beth made my little girl dream come true. She ordered the gel for me to her address (they do not ship to Thailand) and went to the post office to mail it to me. But before she sent my package oversea, she asked a friend of hers to draw a picture of my husband, ZoΓ‘rd and I by showing her friend a photo of us. She also slipped a hand-written card in to the package (which was not allowed during communism in Hungary – you had to send written letters separately ).

You must be pretty curious about Beth by now. Beth’s blog is called Beauty in Beta and she just posted about the package I sent her from Thailand.Β 

I would love to show you a few pictures of the night I opened the package from Beth. I am warning you our room has a yellow vibe at night time…



Have you done anything similar?


37 thoughts on “Have You Ever Swapped Packages With a Fellow Blogger?

  1. That is so nice! I love exchanging things in the mail, I once asked friends on Facebook if anyone wanted to exchange letters. I thought it would be fun to get nice things in the mail. A couple of friends replied they wanted to and after I wrote them very long letters, they never replied. It was a little disappointing.
    I think that this is a great idea on how to get what you need while living as an expat though. My mom sends me the deodorant and toothpaste I like from home. It’s a godsend!

  2. Yay your back on my reader ! I love love love packages. So exciting, great picture. Will you do a full product review please.

  3. Hi K

    I’ve unpublished my blog. Can’t keep up with the messages. I thought this is best to do, since baby has been keeping me so busy. I really found it hard to cope with the constant attention she needed. She has settled in nicely now and can not tell you how much I’m enjoying motherhood. So much that I don’t even have time for the blogosphere. I just wanted to touch base with you..Zoard is getting more handsome by the day it seems πŸ™‚ You are looking great too. I’m going to use you as my momspiration πŸ™‚

    I’ll be sure to let you know once I’m ready to join the blogosphere again. Will be visiting your blog as often as I can.

    Love and light


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