What Is Your Environment Like?

I want to be fair with myself when the question comes up: “what is lovely about Thailand?” 
I refuse to answer by saying: divine massages, gorgeous water falls and small islands you can hop to with a speed boat.
One may speak theoretically but I choose not to.

Here is a bit of my reality which is not a field for complaining either… 

Friendly view.

A car that most men find pleasant. 

We are privileged to have a car seat.

Our home right now is small but while we live in a five star hotel’s room, others live very differently from us…

Dogs don’t have a name but they got lots of freedom.

I decided to show something to Zoárd every day even if it is indoors.

Today we had a nice time at the yoga studio. Speaking of must go… class starts in nine minutes…

What do you think of your environment?



15 thoughts on “What Is Your Environment Like?

  1. I wouldn’t mind seeing pictures of the divine massages, gorgeous water falls and small islands you can hop to with a speed boat either 🙂 Great and interesting photos! I love the one where Zoárd is crawling 🙂 My environment is now is cold and kind of empty 😦

  2. I love the photos, Eszter! You make the hotel life seem so glamorous. I have been thinking of you a lot since we started to live in a hotel. Do you know how long your family will be living in Thailand?
    Take care,

    • Yeah I saw your post Mary! I still think though that living at your husband’s work place long term is not the same as staying at a hotel for only a little while… But anyways, we are going away for a bit. My husband still needs to finish his MBA in Spain. It will only take a few months but I will be cooking and cleaning, no more sitting back while others do the chores for us… 😉

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