Leaving Thailand For a While

A week from now, we are flying to Hungary for the holidays. And from January, we will be living in Barcelona again for 3 months. 

I would like to make the most of our time here and one way of doing this is to show Zoárd new areas of the hotel. New for him that is.

We have been all living in a hotel room for almost 7 months now and since Zoárd is becoming more and more curious of the world, why hide it from him?!

I will try to post every day before we fly off: my husband to Barcelona to look for a flat for us and Zoárd and I will land in Budapest waiting for him. 

In my last post, Zoárd experienced the inside of the yoga studio.

He is chilling by the salt bricks. This is the back of the yoga studio.

The hotel also has a movie theater. I picked out many, many of the movies that you can watch here. 

Zoárd tested one of the bean bags (with my help)… HAHA

He also had a good look at the steam room.

And the sauna. 

Which one do you prefer? Steam room or sauna?

This is something new for all of us: we are letting Zoárd play on the terrace. Supervised.

You can tell that he is having a great time with all the positive energies of freedom floating around. Did I just project that on him?! HAHA
Anyways, I think space for moving around is good for a baby.

This is as close as he can get to Nature.

Are you a Nature Lover of more of a City Kid?

Close your eyes. Imagine that you could live anywhere on this planet except for the country you are currently living in. Where would you go?

18 thoughts on “Leaving Thailand For a While

  1. This is such a cute post! As for me, I would never be able to decide where to live… I would have to travel the world first, before choosing just one place! 😀

  2. i love the beanbags in the movie theater! Looks comfy…what is your favorite movie. Oh, and I love steam rooms and saunas, depends on the mood I guess 😉 I’m not sure what country I would choose, that’s a tough one since there are so many I haven’t visited.

    • My favorite movie is easy: Green Card. I even had a huge poster of it up on my wall when I was a teenager. 🙂
      Have you been to a sauna or steam room since you became a mother?

  3. He’s been one busy little guy! I’m sure he will look back on these photos when he is older and appreciate how much his mama has cared for him and tried to create new and exciting experiences for him.

    As for your question, I’m not sure where I would go! I have always wanted to go somewhere in Europe, but being that I haven’t been there, I’m not totally sure if I would want to LIVE there.

    • I sure hope Zoárd will like all the albums I have created of pictures I took of him. Though I am not going to say “I am doing it for him” because this is totally my hobby which I enjoy to the fullest but I admit, It is nice when others appreciate my pictures as well….

      Once you start moving around, it gets harder to stop. The main thing is, always live near a Cheesecake Factory. 😛

  4. Oh I will miss meeting you before we leave Thailand, but your upcoming travels sound wonderful! Barcelona is one of the places we didn’t get a chance to see on our travels yet, so I will be following our posts. 🙂
    If I could live anywhere besides here, it would be Lisbon, Portugal. I could go on and on about it (oh, the wine especially!!!) , but there are many posts on my blog about our two months there if you want to check it out. Safe travels!
    P.S. Zoárd is such a cutie… love the pics!

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