How Do You Feel About Gossiping?

Well, how do you feel about gossiping?

I always admire those who say that gossiping is an unpleasant characteristic of a person and it is much more appealing if you do not talk behind other people’s back. I even see the logic that if you notice someone gossiping about others, you can be sure that that person will also talk about you, when you are not around. 

I would love to join the group of nice people who have manners, unlike me and resist gossiping. I personally cannot imagine how they do it or how You do it, if you happen to be one of those good people. 

Talking about other people is a habit of mine. Even if I would chat about something else with my husband such as … dinner on Christmas Eve or a new restaurant that just opened up… (I guess the other topic that comes to my mind to talk about is food… HAHA). I know that eventually, I would end up discussing who should not be invited to the Christmas dinner and who are my favorite couple to go out with, when there is a new happening like the opening of a cool place.

Is it worse if I also like to talk about strangers? Or is that considered more polite? I mean… less rude.

My husband and I used to go to the gym together (long, long time ago) and we would occasionally talk about someone worth talking about. Occasionally. Right.

This was my introduction to the gym theme by the way. 

Here is Zoárd examining the weights at the hotel’s gym (we live in a hotel if you are new to my blog). 

If I would have endless time, I would love running on the treadmill while looking at the view. I would run endlessly.

Some say that gyms are cold, heartless places, full of machines. I think a good machine is priceless for a good work-out.
Where do you stand on this matter? 

Did you miss my face? Here I am! Making sure my baby is as safe as a baby can be at a gym. Seriously, I let Zoárd explore a lot of places meant for adults to be around at but you really have to be there, mentally to prevent an accident.

Do you measure yourself? If you have kids, do you measure them? Is it gossiping if you tell me how much your partner weighs?

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