I Need To Change – You Will Agree

Today I realized (again) that I am not the mother of the year when it comes to “introducing solid foods”. 

Five days from now, we will step in to a different world. No more isolation. I might even meet up with other mothers and their babies. And the question will come up: what and how does Zoárd eat.

Like a dog… I put food from my plate in to his mouth while he is standing next to me. 

How sweet: father and son tea time? No. Our son is waiting for the left-overs.

The situation is not as bad as I make it sound. I hope. But I need to go towards more traditional ways of offering food to our little one.

Since we live in a hotel room, you can guess that in our room, we do not have a high chair and a lovely, round, family table to sit down to. Zoárd can either sit on the floor or stand.

He was playing with his rocker when I surprised him with a bib and some fresh mango. 

It is not like we are banned from the restaurant of the hotel. We have lunch there every day.

Zoárd loves the restaurant but he is not used to sitting in a high chair for long.

And lunch time is not his favorite time of the day to be tasting new flavors. But in this picture I popped some fresh coconut in his mouth and he was very thrilled about it. Stop judging me, he is a baby. This is his happy face. HAHA

I think we can put a check mark next to “showing the restaurant”. And now you already know what I am trying to improve in the future.

Here we are with proper pureed food, which I am spoon feeding Zoárd. 

The chefs who cook for us are Hungarian. If you were wondering. There are four of them and I have a list in my room to help me order my food. I am a picky eater and I figured out that these four guys have different strengths.

All of them can make me a ratatouille with rice noodles but only one of them puts his heart in it. Oh if they would know my little rating system… HAHA

The head chef always makes me my noodle with parmesan and buffalo mozzarella cheese. Tomatoes are a must in all meals of mine.

Exceptions do exist. Strictly on Sundays. (I only eat sweets on Sundays.)

Do you have a favorite snack?

22 thoughts on “I Need To Change – You Will Agree

  1. Z never really ate pureed food. She always just ate what I was eating. In smaller pieces of course. 🙂
    I think you are an excellent mom, I don’t know of many moms who could keep a little one entertained and happy in a hotel room for so long!

    • You are so kind! I think Zoárd might be open-minded about pureed food because he eats plain yogurt with me every morning. It is just that we did not really offer him pureed stuff.
      You know, even tough I do not always find our way of living entertaining for me but I have to say, I think Zoárd is having a ball! 🙂

  2. I started Chase off directly at 5months on solid foods, I didn’t even mash up the food properly so he could get use to the textures more quickly instead of gradually getting use to the different foods.
    At 16 & a half months, he is now at the stage where he wants to eat on his own, so I give him the more chunky foods that he can hold in his hand & feed himself. Occasionally there are days when I feed him foods like stews & rice, or small pasta’s with fine meats where I need to use a spoon as the textures are too small for him to grasp as yet.

    Everything he ate from the age, I made myself as well, pretty much left over dinner that I packed away into different small containers then defrosted it again when needed.
    I think the best bet will be so start getting him use to the high chair, it might take a few tantrums maybe until he is comfortable. Then try & feed him some soft vegetables or fruits cut into smaller pieces. That’s how I got Chase to feed himself….

    Take it easy.. It’s a learning process! 🙂

    Have a look at this post of mine… Maybe you find something useful…

  3. Ive pretty much stopped givibg puree food to v now 9/10 he feeds himself. Have you looked into baby led weaning. No purees involved. Z will love it.

  4. You look gorgeous! Love that pink lip. Once again you have a beautiful family. Good luck with the mingling. And that is such a good idea, I should start only eating sweets on certain days. I might have to start out with 2 then cut back to one haha.

  5. Hey I think you are a great mom, there is no one way to do things, just do what works for you. I was following Nic around on the floor with food and still do sometimes. Now I do a combo of baby food and my food, depending on what we are eating.

    • We did intend to do BLW but nothing entered his mouth for months and it was a waste of food. That is how we ended up popping things in to his mouth… I will have a look at your link (thank you so much!)

  6. All those food pictures made me hungry! I love Zoard’s facial expressions! All of my kids were brilliant eaters when they were little (weaning and up to 18 months) and then two of them turned into really fussy eaters. Clemmie is still terrible but starting school and having to eat school lunches really helped Casper by ‘forcing’ him to try different foods and realising that he actually liked them.
    When are you leaving and how long are you staying in Spain? Xxx

  7. I think most kids eat like dogs…getting them to sit still is harder than potty training. Such a delightful and funny post! Zoard has the best expressions….it’s like he’s your co-blogger 😉

  8. I’m not a mom, so I have to admit I don’t have any advice, but I thought this post was really interesting and still felt the need to comment! 🙂 I can see where it would be a huge struggle to raise a baby in a hotel where you yourself don’t have access to cooking resources. You’re lucky to have your own chefs to prepare things for you, but at the same time, sometimes it’s easier to do it yourself. Hopefully it will get easier with your new move! 🙂

    • Maybe all of our lives are like this. Some of its aspects may seam so admirable and there are always things that could be better or improved on.
      We already lived on this island for two years before Zoárd was born. Half of it was in the hotel when it was ready to open. When we came back, 7 months ago, I had my pick and I chose to live in the hotel again. It might be isolating (but probably that would be true to other parts of the island as well since you need a vehicle to get by, no matter which part of Samui you are on) but at least I feel safe here. When you are on your own, you have to deal with snakes and scorpions and whatever that crosses your path…

  9. Zoard is precious!
    The food transitions can be a tough adjustment. You’re a great Mom and eventually it will become more natural.

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