Life Does Not Stop

Yeah, yeah, yeah… we are moving. We started packing. Life does not stop just because we are doing this. Again. No matter how many times we pack and unpack, we still need to go on with our normal life. Did I just say normal life?!

By the way. Just so you know. Packing makes me uneasy. I look like a chick with loads of girl power on this pic but my husband did the dog part of the work. It is an expression. “Dog part of the work”. What do you mean: in what language?!Β 

In my previous posts, I decided to show ZoΓ‘rd the hotel we have been living in for the past 7 months. Would you like to guess which part of the hotel we visited today?

Previous posts I was talking about:
Take your guess now because it will just get easier as you roll down…. No, this is not another doggie expression of mine…








If and only if, orange is not your favorite color than what is?Β 


20 thoughts on “Life Does Not Stop

  1. Haha Don’t feel too bad! Chris does all of our packing when we travel or move. He’s just so darn good at it and always finds a perfect, safe place for everything. You look gorgeous, as usual!

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