What Do You Love About The Place You Come From? / Home For The Holidays

It took us about 26 hours to get to my mother-in-law’s flat. We left really early from Koh Samui. We flew to Bangkok. From Bangkok to Moscow. And from Moscow I had to fly alone with Zoárd because my husband had to sort out things in Barcelona so he took a different flight to Spain.

The night before, we left the island, we made a list which I think is a great thing. The stroller was on this list to remind us not to leave it at the hotel. We already experienced once what it is like to panic at the airport: “oh no! What kind of parents are we to forget the stroller?!”.

We did it again. We left the stroller at the hotel. They brought it after us to the airport. It was not ours. It was a stroller the hotel guests were using for the past years. We were not sure how to close it at the security check but Thai people are generally extra sweet and helpful when you have a baby. And eventually our stroller swap worked out for the best. This one is easier to use than ours was.

I thought about handing out some wisdom for those who are planning on travelling with a baby but I am not sure I can summarize it well.

OK, here is one or four:

1. Stay calm. It is not your partner’s fault that you have a carrier, a diaper bag, a blanket etc. hanging from each of your ears.
2. Do not think too much about what the others think of you. Do not think about germs. Your baby needs to move and yes, he will find the passengers with the smelliest feet.
3. If singing helps, sing.
4. This is the best time to practice assertiveness. Ask for help, ask to sit in the first row, ask for a bassinet etc.

Zoárd was wearing a body suit and a footsie. And I was prepared to breastfeed like a pro at take offs and landings…

I like people who are not shy to change their clothes at the airport. HAHA

My boys were relaxed which is the best way to travel. 

I tried my best to pick out ten pictures for this blog post. I am planning on posting a lot about our stay in Budapest. For the first couple of days, we had to be without my husband. My mother-in-law was eager to please me. We went for long walks which I missed tremendously. Zoárd was knocked out each time we were breathing in fresh, cold air.

Here we are in the elevator. My mother-in-law took the stairs. Another little detail you might want to know: Zoárd and I had to borrow winter clothes. I had lots of sweaters waiting for me but I already gave away my coat and scarf 3 years ago when we left Hungary.

Sorrel can be eaten as a cream soup. Imagine a flavor so sour that you simply must add sugar to it. I always eat it with potatoes and eggs on the side. The taste is due to oxalic acid as I found out from wikipedia.

Zoárd was a big fan of the kitchen. Here is the first picture of my mother-in-law, Ági.  

Ági has great taste and I really like her flat.

I love this picture. To me these carpets and the porcelain doll is so Eastern European.

I think it is very typical to go to pastry shops for Hungarians. Fisher is the family name of a couple who make all sorts of cakes and pastries I personally can die for.

Nice, nice, nice!

It is so special when you can still find people who make their products with their hands. This couple is over 70 years old. They are the Fishers. And they keep a picture of me and my husband in their shop. Once, my mother-in-law bought 4kg-s of apple pie from them and posted it all to Thailand. We sent back a thank you picture.

This is it for now. Thank you for reading my blog and I would love it if you would leave a comment!




37 thoughts on “What Do You Love About The Place You Come From? / Home For The Holidays

      • Hi, Sort of Like yourself. I was at a party bartending ( Baby Sitting on a different level.) It was nice. How do you enjoy all your traveling? Where did you live in Arizona?

      • I lived in Tucson, Arizona for three years.
        What is your favorite drink? (I had to ask -forgive me)
        I like traveling a lot but I am not sure how much I like the moving part… It would be nice to settle down but we are so confused about this part, my husband and I aren’t even sure about where we would enjoy living, long term. 😛

      • I was in Chandler once, Arizona is beautiful. I’ve been to the Caribbean Islands it’s Great down there. I’ve never been west of Arizona or Vegas. My favorite drinks would be Whisky Sour or Bloody Mary ( Spicy, made with either Sacramento Tomato Juice, or Clamato Juice. What is yours?

      • My husband likes Whisky Sour too. I am afraid my favorite drink would be non-alcoholic like a fresh coconut or something with passion fruit in it.
        My husband once broke the Guinness record of making the most different kind of cocktails in an hour and I helped him a little to train for this but even then I was not a fan of cocktails. Strange… 😛

      • That’s ok. He deserves credit for his accomplishment, and rightly so he got it. Myself I don’t drink as much as it sounds. Maybe 5 or 6 times a year, strange for a bartender. I’m around it so the desire has past.

    • You are so kind Angela! Thank you for sending me a message as well! I can really relate when you write in your blog that it matters so much when you know that others care about what you write. 🙂

  1. I defintely agree you need the stroller when on holiday. It doubles as a eating place too! and you can put stuff in it! I also love pastries. I am so glad you could go home for the holidays. We stayed here in the city – will do the travelling thing next Christmas.

    • You know what Heather?! We just came up with the idea to use the stroller as a baby chair because we are not planning to buy one for such a short time. Currently Zoárd is sleeping in the stroller and we are preparing lunch in the kitchen. 🙂

  2. I love your 4 advice. And the picture about the woman “not being too shy” cracked me up! Anyway, interesting to read about Hungarian things too, like the soup. Your Eastern European pictures makes me recommend you to take a look at Lindas blog from Latvia, the blog overall is great in sarcasm but if you want to go a few posts back, you’ll be especially entertained by the multitude of the comments 🙂 Btw, I really liked Budapest when we were there, and one of the reasons was the bakeries!

  3. You are great in travelling alone with Zoard! He’s such a darling in the pics! Your tips are really useful and so true about finding the smelliest feet. Your mother-in-law’s flat looks really nice, I would explore the kitchen too if I were Zoard.

    • My mother-in-law would love you! She likes anyone who takes a mini tour in her apartment. She loves showing everything. 🙂
      Your words are so motivating. I wish to post more on Budapest but so far I didn’t even have time to take a shower… HAHA

  4. Your tips are very useful. I think I would need the “stay calm” and don’t worry about germs.
    Your Mother in Law has lovely furniture. Zoard looks great in the snow suit. The Fischer cakes look really yummy, especially the coffee donut 🙂 Did you have red lentils for new year?

    • I did and I can tell you that it is true: you do not feel bloated after eating red lentils. Great news!

      I am planning to post about you and other good things that happened to us in Budapest. 🙂

    • Thank you Áse! I am trying to catch up on things and Zoárd became sick so I am a bit like a crazy chicken running around, not sure what to do in my “free time”, now that Zoárd is taking a nap. 😛 I will eventually get to reading your blog again, I promise. xoxo

  5. I wish you and your familiy a happy new Year! I hope you had a good holiday season.
    I did not know there is a pastry shop Hollan Erno street’ll check when I go 🙂

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