A friend of mine emailed me today and asked: “did you deliberately hide your mother-in-laws face on all the pictures of her?!” The answer is: “hm; no, I did not!” HAHA

I have to be selective with my thousands of pictures. In this post, I picked Budapest to be the topic but when I was looking at all the pictures I took, I realized that I do not have a lot of touristy shots. In fact, I hardly took any pictures outdoors. Hey, hey, hey! Don’t panic, please! I have SOME…

Public transportation is a plus for me! I cannot drive. The only official license I have is for parachuting. Am I back on the list of cool people?!

I am not saying this guy is a typical Hungarian because I simply do not know if he is or if he isn’t. When I lived in Arizona as a teenager, I used to tell everyone at Jack in The Box (I was working at the hamburger station) that for teenagers, in Hungary, drug abuse is not a problem. In reality, drugs were not a problem for me, nor alcohol, nor smoking but that of course does not mean that the whole planet is like me…

This THING was new to me as well. Once again, I am careful not to come up with a story of what this is (only in my head) but I THINK this THING is a Christmas tree wrapper. Yup.

I took this shot because I liked the look of these people. I don’t know them. I did not know the guy with the dog either. You lose your shyness with a camera, believe me! HAHA

Did I take this picture for my husband?! Sorry, I have no recollection of this one. 

This will be such an interesting picture for Zoárd to look at! The sign says: Take me with you.
But this will not be a big flash because of the sign but because of the DVD-s! Zoárd will ask: “what is a DVD, Mommy?”

Be proud of me now! This is as outdoors as it gets!

I am on a roll, here!

Before you look at the next three pictures, let me make it clear that I am not trying to make fun of my husband who thought sliding down a slide would be fun for Zoárd. I am not. But did you see Zoárd’s face?! Oh,not yet. 

My sister.

Here it comes…


How do you feel about family portraits?


Please let me know if you have a link to a picture of you and your family. I would love to see it!!!


21 thoughts on “Budapest

  1. Love the people shots! Did you just ask that guy to pose for you?? I’m always very ‘under the radar’ when taking photos of random people – Riga is a small place! Did your hubby wear those shoes specially because they matched the slide? 😉 Linda.

    • Hey Linda, Thanks for stopping by again. I am still 3/4th down to your dead mouse story. Zoárd has a fever and his coughing so it is not the brightest start to our adventures here in Barcelona.
      I did just ask that guy to stop for a picture and he seemed fine with it. Those earrings of his fascinate me but I also think he had a sleeper look: tough but not so tough (with the small dog).
      I actually noticed the slide and the Native shoes’ sole being so similar in color!
      Do you mean that you can actually bump in to people you know in Riga?!

      • All the time! And half the country knows what I look like after a recent brush with the press – and they’re not all very happy with me 😉 Hope Zoard feels better and that your adventures pick up!

      • Ha, the previous few posts were about it! Basically, a gossip portal here translated one of my posts. People were up in arms over it, it appeared on another site and another, it was in newspapers, on TV and radio… I got A LOT of hate mail 😉 Seems to have died down a bit now though – thank god for that! Still a bit afraid of being knifed in the street though! 🙂

      • That is awesome! Congratulations! If you have haters that means you have a strong point of you. Good for you! If you ever get anxious though, I know a great psychologist… 😛

  2. Zoard’s face cracked me up. Like “Umm, what in the world is about to happen?!” So cute. Love these photos. I somehow missed this post. 🙂

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