Meeting Up With Fellow Bloggers and Babies

This will be my last post about our stay in Budapest. We are already in Barcelona now and I have lots and lots to talk about related to our new home (let us call it adventure). Nevertheless, I wish to post about Hungary again since it was a fun experience for us all. Especially, seeing friends and the play dates I managed to organize for Zoárd.

I can easily see that it is not so interesting if I blog about my friends and all the catching up we did so I will just mention two of them because both of them have a blog.

Fanni is great! She took a train, early in the morning to see me and even though she had two children waiting for her at home, she made time to spend a few hours with me. Amazing!
Check out her blog:

Rita is my trendiest friend. I wish we would have became friends earlier. I can imagine myself going to parties and hot yoga classes in her company. Here is her blog:

I was invited to a blog party while we were in Hungary and I had technical issues so I was not able to make it. I am truly sorry about this since blog parties are fun and “fun is good” (Dr Seus). Anami is worth following:

Now as I mentioned earlier on, I showed Zoárd what actual babies look like. And for me it was magical!
What are your thoughts on play dates?




Csenge is two months younger than Zoárd and my introduction to the puffy snack called buláta was a huge success in my humble opinion.

Zoárd with a much younger baby…

Zoárd with a slightly older and curious baby.

All girls so my next goal is to find a baby boy… Anyone got one, here in Barcelona?


17 thoughts on “Meeting Up With Fellow Bloggers and Babies

  1. I’m so glad you got to meet up with friends, spending time with them is important. As for the play dates, I would have to ask if Zoard enjoyed it? When we have mom’s group Nicky doesn’t like sharing his toys, but I will see if things improve as he gets older.

    • In general, everything is joyful for Zoárd when I am around or my husband. He was able to handle the mini conflicts he had with the other babies and I tried not to intervene. I think adults can be more challenging for him when they are being too pushy. Zoárd is friendly but he likes to be the one who makes the first move and not the other way around. 😛

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