Back in Barcelona

We previously lived in Barcelona for a year, that is why I gave this title. We are actually in the same flat we brought Zoárd home to from the hospital, a year ago. 

My friends keep asking me how I like being back and what it is like to do house work again; what kind of emotions am I facing etc.

Zoárd and I were sick starting from day one and my husband’s school life has not yet been demanding, so I cannot say we have an established routine by now and that I already feel liberated to be out on the streets again. Oh don’t take me wrong, walking on the streets of Barcelona is beyond wonderful but I still have to experience doing it all on my own. More frankly, I haven’t carried down the stroller on any stairs yet. And I haven’t socialized yet either (first play date will be tomorrow!).

Our chapter of Barcelona starts being interesting from today. I am telling you. 

We live 2 minutes from here. This is where I used to jog (pushing the pram in front of me).

Some give up their motorcycles for the winter but you can see plenty of those who do not think the weather is an obstacle.

A good friend of mine ordered shoes from this brand but she did not know they were Spanish. Do you know what shoe brand I am talking about? Here is one of their shops.

I will show you more pictures of the city but it is time for a switch. Welcome to our balcony! This is our view. Do you remember our view in Thailand? Look at the first picture in this post:

We live in a very lively neighborhood called Grácia. The small streets and old buildings are to die for. There are interesting shops everywhere. Down side? Many of these buildings don’t have heating in them.

On this picture you can see the wooden floor next to the bed.  Well, we placed a mattress between our bed and a wardrobe and Zoárd now sleeps on the mattress. Why I didn’t take a picture of that? Good question. HAHA

My husband took this picture just for You!

The people here fascinate me. They are stylish and there is a charm to them.

Zoárd only takes one nap per day and this is how we ended up enjoying this cafe. My husband and I. 

You can order decaf coffee everywhere. Is that normal for you or interestingly odd? What do you mean you are indifferent?! HAHA

But who is that school girl?! (HAHA I wish…)

I do not know if my mother still reads my blog or not but she once commented in an email that I write HAHA too many times. What do you think? No, not about my mother… about my HAHA-s. How is this connected with the doggy and the oranges?! Oh life is so abstract… Everything is connected HA…. never mind.

You can buy baby clothes on every corner. This is not a joke. But after a while, I noticed that this is true for many things. You can also buy a hammer in so many places. Or corn on the cob which you take home and put in the oven.

This is the last picture for now. The dogs are kept extremely well and you can see a lot of big ones. Not huge ones but like this dog you see, it is “big”.

Anything you would like me to find out, Barcelona related? 


33 thoughts on “Back in Barcelona

  1. Barcelona is one of my favorite cities. I cannot think of a prettier one or one with better weather. Congrats on moving there. You look very pretty, so that is something to celebrate. Say HA-HA all you want, imho. This should be a time in your life you will treasure forever.

    • True, true… though I love hats and sometimes I just wear one for fashion. That is also very normal here in Barcelona. You do not need a “good reason” to put a fur coat on, sunglasses or a Russian hat… 😉

  2. Great photos. I wish my posts were this interesting. Haha. Decaf coffee isn’t common? I really need to travel more. 😉 Have fun! It looks awesome!

    • I am not talking about chains like Starbucks or Coffee Republic but traditional cafes and coffee houses would not necessarily carry decaf and they might even look funny at you. And if you add: with lactose-free milk please…

    • Oh and you can always pretend you are a traveler at the place you live at. If you are in the mood for it, that is. I am sure a lot of people only dream about Florida. I personally would love to see what is typical about the area you live in; do you have a favorite shop you like to stop at; do you know of a store that sells low fat dog food etc.

      • I’ll try to do more posts with interesting photos from my area. I have time to explore more over the summer so that may be when it happens. Florida is nice. I should show it off more. The “looking at you funny” is how non southern states look at you when you ask for sweet tea. 😉

      • Exactly! Though you are lucky if you are a sweet tea lover because that you can make yourself easily at any restaurant, cafe etc. Just ask for black tea, ice and a half glass of cold water with lemon in it. And sugar. 😛

      • There is a thai restaurant nearby and they serve mango tea. When I ask for it sweet, they bring the sweetener dissolved in water and I pour it in myself. Decaf coffee is not uncommon though. 🙂

  3. I like that you use HA-HA 🙂 I cannot read the name of the shoe store. You look beautiful in the “school girl” photo in the cafe 🙂 What kind of cake were you having? It looks yummy. Barcelona is wonderful, enjoy! 🙂

    • I know you cannot read the name of the store… that is why it is good for those who would like to guess. ;P
      OK, I will tell you… It is called Camper and my friend Zsófi ordered a pair of Camper shoes from England!
      I had a carrot cake.
      Thank you for your kind words!!!

  4. Glad to hear you are settling down at your new home. I’ve never been to Barcelina, but all my friends are talking about it, so will def go one day.
    I only drink decaf coffee, so it’s not weird for me, and most of the places here London have – except for the pubs, of course. Just black tea there 🙂

    • I just read your second comment. I have been sitting here puzzled thinking: “what might a Hamas be?!”.
      There is technology for you! 🙂
      The more you read my blog, the more HAHA-s you will get! 😛

  5. Lovely blog. Ha has are great – but hamas was muy confusado (I think that may not be a word). How odd that you can buy hammers everywhere! Lucky you back in Barcelona. I loved the seafront and the lions by the Columbus memorial and all the gaudy Gaudi. Sagrada Familia is mind boggling.

  6. Barcelona as you know is so much fun. Explore other parts of Spain while you are there. Spain is such a wonderful country. I lived in Madrid for several years with my husband. Best time ever! Enjoy with your little boy!

    • I promise to enjoy myself! I do not know how much traveling we can do outside of Barcelona since my husband has to attend his MBA classes and he has lots of them. I did manage to spend some time in Madrid 14 months ago… (it was a birthday trip).

  7. I think you should write a travel book! I can’t wait to read about your life in Barcelona. Zoard is so cute in every photo, looks like an angel while he sleeps. I drink decaf because I’ll have bad heart palpitations with caffeine. Keeps me up and down and can’t sit still. “Haha…”

    • I know what you mean: caffeine can give you really nasty heart palpitations. Once, my hands were shaking from a coffee I bought from a coffee vending machine and I had to lead a therapy group for alcohol dependent patients. It was not funny. 😛

  8. I only went to Barcelona once and it was only for about a day but I absolutely loved the Gauguin architecture! I think its ok that you say “Haha”…it makes it feel more like we are talking face to face 😉

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