I am Eating Meat Again After 17 Years

Exactly half of my life, I have said no to meat. I remember my last meal: an ostrich fajita. And I will always remember “my first meal” from now on. 

It is an emotional, new stage of who I am. I am re-discovering tastes, smells and lots of feelings. In some ways, it is like being  a kid again.

In the past few days, I took pictures of all the meat I ate. I am in a shock. In a good sense. I am glad that I will be an average person again when it comes to what I eat. I feel the need to be “just average” in some things. 

Because of the breastfeeding, I wanted to make sure that Zoárd will not have problems with his iron level. And when I looked at lists and charts, liver is the super winner. Give him spinach?! Ha! Spinach would go home crying after just one look at a strong, confident chicken liver.

I knew my husband is not keen on eating liver and that is how the idea came to me. I used to love eating liver. I asked my mom to make me spinach and liver for my 13th birthday. (I had no idea I asked to have an iron party…)

I stopped eating meat when I was 17. I worked at Jack in the Box at the time and it got to a point where I felt very uncomfortable eating meat or even being around it when it was fried. 

And now my story has been told. This is so strange, believe me!

This is what I cooked the day before “I did it”…

The liver that changed my life…

Liver for the family. And here comes the first bite:

I am officially kicked out from the group of vegetarians. 

I will now post a few pictures of the meals my husband made me. 

I know this is a lot of meat but this is making history. One must capture it.

What do you mean this looks like the one beforehand?! 

This might interest you! Goose liver! I have never tasted it in my whole life. Crazy, huh?!

You always wondered what sporty people eat, right?!

My first Saturday-chicken. A tradition starting now…

I was not joking about the liver. I am planning on eating it every week! 

Thank you for letting me share all these MEAT with You!

This is truly exciting for me! I am off to eat my goose liver paté…


38 thoughts on “I am Eating Meat Again After 17 Years

  1. Interesting how our nutritional needs/wants change throughout our life, isn’t it? I would live fine without meat, but my partner is a butcher’s son and he can’t live without the stuff. I decided that it was too much of a hassle to make two different meals all the time and so, I do eat meat. But not liver! I can’t stand the stuff lol.

      • Haha! I personally don’t have a problem with liver. It’s my taste buds that don’t agree lol. I do think that I *might* like it *if* it were prepared in a tasty way. I’m sure a professional cook could make me gob up liver 😉
        How do you feel about eating meat again? Has your body reacted to it? I know I’m still adjusting to reintroducing dairy after cutting it completely from my diet for 6 months.

      • My body is being very indifferent about it all, which I find strange. I thought I am going to get massively sick. My feelings are very interesting because for example, I had some lamb meat the other day and I just could not chew it. Literally and symbolically. I kept telling my husband, “surely women, who still wear skirts time to time, do not eat this”. It felt barbaric. Hard to explain. My relationship to meat is not adult like. I still had my mother cook for me when I became a vegetarian. I did not experience meet as it is preferred by adults: I never tasted a carpaccio or a “serious” steak.

      • Interesting that your body is accepting it. I can totally understand the mental blockage though. There are meats that I can’t eat. Veal is one of them. I just can’t fathom eating a baby anything. I think the best you can do is to listen to your body. If your mind says “you don’t want to eat that” listen to it 😉

  2. My mind says that I can’t fathom eating a baby anything… but I had lamb for dinner today, and it was delicious. 😦 I was vegetarian for a while but started eating meat again when I was pregnant and felt that my body was asking for iron. (I have been anaemic several times in my life.)

    I used to hate liver in school dinners – pig livers (or maybe cow) and always dried out and tough as boots. But lamb’s liver gently braised with bacon in gravy is good. At least, the gravy is really good, and the liver lumps are ok if buried in mashed potato, chewed minimally and swallowed fast. Hope you enjoy your weekly liver. 🙂

  3. I used to be a vegetarian and always remember meeting an ex-boyfriends parents for the first time. His mum cooked but was rather old school, so he tried to explain that “vegetarians don’t eat meat”. So she cooked me LIVER. And I wasn’t as brave as you even though, I tell you, there was some pressure in the air on obliging. Meat I would have tried, but *liver*…nooo…. Haha! Good to see you enjoy life 🙂

    • You know sometimes people ask when you are a vegetarian: “and you do not eat chicken either?”.
      I guess your ex’s mother could have asked you: “liver is meat for you?”. 😛

  4. O_o … not sure if I can do the liver thing. >_< I switch from being vegan to vegetarian to being a meat eater. I usually just go with what my body wants. I'm surprised you made the change after a full 17 years!

    • I think I like the fact that I can still change – do you understand what I mean?
      I did not deliberately make this choice of switching to make a point but nevertheless, it is important to me, that for example, I am still capable of surprising my husband and my friends. Hopefully for the better.
      Why did you eventually become friends with the idea of eating meat again?

  5. I was veggie for about two years, then one day was hit by a craving for a bacon sarnie and couldn’t think of a good enough reason not to give in to it 😉 Now I rarely cook meat at home, but happily eat it in restaurants from time to time, which is a balance which works for me. Enjoy rediscovering meat 😉

  6. How is your digestive system handling all of that after 17 years?? No in depth details needed of course. haha! I eat meat, but just the basics, chicken, beef and fish. I have no desire to eat liver but glad you’re enjoying it 😉

  7. Liver is nice, with some onion and fresh bread – but I guess you know what tastes good in a Hungarian kitchen. Although it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. BTW, I’m cutting back on Gluten, so no more crispy, fresh bread for me 😦 But yay for the liver, as I have a lack of iron right now. Love, Anami


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