Taking Your Mother on your First Date

It fascinates me that I am Zoárd’s PR. I go on play dates with him and I am really the one who needs to make a good impression. Who could turn down Zoárd for a second date?! He looks cute just hanging around a shoe store.


Tomorrow will be our 6th play date since last week so I am really trying my best. I know, it even sounds odd but it is true: I feel that there is a tiny bit of pressure on me to behave “attractively”. I cannot exactly pin down what is attractive for the other mothers (though today we are going on a play date with a dad, it is mostly moms, we get to meet and babies of course!).

Last week was a first time for me, not just with the play dates and play groups. I used the subway for the first time. I chose the easy way to travel: with a carrier. I am sure someone would eventually help us at the stairs but I prefer my freedom. So we left the stroller at home.

I am sure most of you know that babies do not play with each other. They play next to each other.

And when I thought I will be able to take tons of cute “babies communicating with one and other” shots. I was wrong but I caught this one by chance.

I have to say  that socializing is really what Zoárd and I needed, after Thailand but I still need to be careful not to rush things. I am the type who meets a nice couple or a nice person and already dreams about going on a holiday with them.

Some of the play dates Zoárd and I have been on are in a group. This way Zoárd can watch the older babies and I can watch the mommies who are a pro.

Last week, I planned all my outfits to these events. I think this week I will be more relaxed about it. 

Do you think you are helping your children make more friends? How do you behave when you enter a group of strangers?


17 thoughts on “Taking Your Mother on your First Date

  1. Living out in the middle of nowhere in NC, I have to make a big effort to get out and around people with the kids, so I definitely understand what you have been through!
    I try to look nice so as not to be the stereotypical frumpy mommy, and it makes me feel good to look nice!

    • I did not know this expression: frumpy mommy -but I like it! If you look on google images for the term frumpy mom… oh boy…
      I am glad I am not alone with my feelings! 🙂

    • You are very kind! I think the expat moms are very stylish and they are so active at coming up with programs for babies… I have to keep a calendar for Zoárd now. 🙂

  2. Great photos! Its a huge task for me to make it to a playdate for V one hour on the bus at least to the city. When the weather is good we go once a week.
    Its a big deal for me too, i plan outfita, bus routes, meals. Its a big event leaving the house once a week.
    Good for you i hope Z is enjoying his nww friends.
    How long do you plan to be in Hungary for ?

  3. I just started doing playdates for my son. I did them a lot with my daughter but life gets busier with the 2nd child. I do one-on-one playdates with him right now and that works out. It isn’t as overwhelming for him…plus, we don’t know a lot of other 2.5 yr olds 😉

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