Did You Have a Phobia? Do You Have One Now?

Zuigerphobia is the beautiful name of someone who goes crazy around a vacuum cleaner. Zoárd started to hate the pure sight of it. I read that pets and small children do not have the coping skills to deal with their fear.

Just because I am a psychologist, it does not mean that I experiment on my son but this was the perfect time to try out a few things that came to my mind.

Zoárd was not interested in playing with the vacuum cleaner nor he was keen on looking at it while I held him in my arms. 

Every time I need to vacuum clean, I have to repeat the whole mini therapy with him. I thought by day three it will not be necessary but perhaps I am rushing it.

My mini therapy is:
I turn the vacuum cleaner on and Zoárd nurses while he hears the vacuum cleaners loud noise. He can even look at it from where I sit with him. He can stay in the nursing chair with me as long as he wants and once he calms down, I put him down to play with something interesting. Today he felt safe on our bed with his Cat in the Hat book.

Next to our bed is his mattress but I imagine that sitting on the bed is somewhat special to him.

Books and belts -what more do you need to feel good?!

This picture was taken at another time. I thought only one “session” will be enough with him but I was wrong. He is lucky the shrink is at the house. HAHA

But seriously, do you have a phobia or someone you love?




27 thoughts on “Did You Have a Phobia? Do You Have One Now?

  1. Two of my children went through a stage of hating the vacuum cleaner but luckily it didn’t last too long. Now Clemmie loves to sit on it while I vacuum, she’s light so its not too bad. I am claustrophobic and hate going in lifts and on the underground. I will do it if I absolutely have to but I really do not enjoy it. Xxx

  2. I am scared of large bodies of water, like lakes and the ocean. Swimming pools, fine, but I get very anxious around anything much bigger.
    I am glad Zoard has his own personal shrink! That’s very convenient!

  3. All 3 of mine have hated the vacuum when they were smaller. Just now, the girls are starting to want me to chase them with it. 🙂 It will get easier, eventually…..

  4. Oh, and I don’t like lightning or big ocean waves. The lightning thing started when a friend in college was hit. Been afraid ever since.

  5. What cute pictures. Zoárd is growing so fast! I don’t really have any phobias, I do not like heights particularly, but it doesn’t cause me any problems. I just can’t skydive or bungee jump, and I can live with that. 🙂

  6. OK I never would have thought of first nursing while the vacuum is going, that’s a good idea. I normally leave the house so the maid can vacuum when he is not there! He hates it!

  7. My children were the complete opposite with the vacuum. Whenever I would turn it on they would immediately stop crying and stare at it in awe….but I have a Labrador who sheds continuously so I literally vacuum everyday. They have had a lot of exposure….lol

    I’m not sure if it’s a phobia, but I can NOT walk into a class/lecture late. I feel like every eye in the room is on me. It’s weird as I have no issue with public speaking/performing.

    By the way, LOVE your blog. I’ve been following it for a while. You have a lovely little family.

    • Oh thank you for following my blog and commenting on it! I appreciate it! I also agree with you, that you might have a bit of anxiety when it comes to being late but it is not a “phobia”. And it is great that you are OK with public speaking… 😉

  8. I had a friend whose baby would calm down to the sound of the vacuum cleaner 🙂 So she recorded the vacuum cleaner sound on her phone and play it anywhere to calm the baby down 🙂 Another friend would turn the hair dryer on when she changed the diaper on her son 🙂 Blackberry #2 has a new phobia of the hair dryer, he cries even when someone else is drying their hair. He hates it…Is there a word for that?
    Do you have a phobia?
    I kind of have one, I hate watching Blackberry #1 run real fast or climb onto high places, I get a ball in my stomach and see him falling 😦

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