Yuck, You Love Your Family?!

Once I became an adult, I always felt uncomfortable when others were praising their family. I wished they would not discuss with me how close they are with their father and how their mother is their best friend. How cool their aunts and uncles are – were my “second favorite” anti-topic and then there were the awesome siblings…

I know now, that all of this irritated me because I did not have a bunch of good stories to share about my family.

In fact, when I was asked about my family, which of course happens all the time in social interactions, my stories are… sad really. Not sad as in abused but sad as in pathetic. You would like an example?! Oh I don’t know…  Hm. My father left our wedding with his wife at nine o’clock because they “had to get up early the next day”. 

Just at the very second, I am saying inside my head: “oh it does not matter”. But that is not true. It matters, of course it does! That is why I have negative feelings about happy families. I envy them.

My husband’s half sister found us and we met her for a few hours last year for the very first time. She was so eager to see us again. She stayed with us last week and inspired me to write this post. Visiting us here, in Barcelona, was her 18th birthday present from her mom!

If you have been following my blog than it will be easy for you to recognize who is who. OK I do not exactly look 18 so it will be easy for you even if this is your first time reading this blog. HAHA

Since I became a mother, it has become more and more important to me to have a loving family. And the three of us are definitely doing a great job but having Jenny over taught me something valuable: It is cherishable when you see someone, other than yourself, love your baby.

Jenny has two brothers under the age of three so she is very natural around babies.

I tried to take lots of sister and brother pictures because I could tell it meant a lot to her.

Not only it was fun having Jenny with us, I kept feeling I gained something from this as well. 

Maybe, it is never too late to find a family of yours. Even if if you might have to stretch your arms to find relatives who act caringly.

I probably have to take the word family lighter. Have friends become aunts and uncles to Zoárd as well.

In the future, I am going to try not to get all envious and frustrated when I hear others say nice things about their relatives.

 Lets jump in to conclusions, what are yours?


14 thoughts on “Yuck, You Love Your Family?!

  1. Kukolina, thank you for this bittersweet story. Like you, I deeply considered what family could be after I had my first child. I saw what I wanted for her, which was different than what I had received as a child. I started to make it happen for her and, like a garden, it took time and effort but our family grew in numbers and in love. Like you, my husband and I opened our hearts and home to others who wanted to be family. Friends can become family. And some of my relatives who didn’t know how to be family when I was young, learned and changed. Your desire for, and example of, family love is invaluable

  2. I believe that the family we choose is often better than the family we born into. I love my family, but I love my friends also. I am glad you got to spend family time with Jenny, it looks like you all had a wonderful time. 🙂

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