Baby Friendly Places in Barcelona

I did it again. I kept putting off writing this post because I wanted it to be perfect. I kept saying, after I have seen this place and that place I will write it. Well, I can say that I haven’t been to all the cafes I wanted to see, because for example, one was closed today at four in the afternoon (siesta time…). Another place was so not right for Zoárd that I turned my back to it after one glance.

Let me state, that for me child-friendly and baby friendly are not the same. And there is also a huge difference between a sleeping baby and one that is a crawler… And if you happen to have an escaping artist like my son… well, in that case nothing is really suitable. HAHA


This toy shop is my favorite so far, because the entrance is pretty far away from the playing area. The toys offered for testing are in normal condition and the place is clean. You can buy snacks and drinks in cool bottles. I personally wish they would have a wider cake option to chose from and the coffee is on the expensive side… Anyways, I took a few nice pictures for You!

You cannot even see the entrance! Perfect, perfect!

Zoárd wears this smile often around his dad but I really think he also enjoyed Baby Deli.

The toys they sell are categorized by age. Maybe that is the standard?! 

En Contacacau

This is a cafe plus a children’s clothes shop. It has an area for babies to play at. There is a wider cake selection here; they make Illy coffee and natural fruit juices. Zoárd manages to find the coffee shop’s door one too many times but nevertheless, this is where we have been the most times.

If you are an expat and you are part of a group like MamAmigas, you hear about get-togethers organized in places like Contacacau.

As you can see, I always go to meet other moms. It is more quiet around ten am and if you wish to meet locals, they usually show up in the afternoon.

Giulietta Cafe

In this cafe, if you go to the very back of it, you can find a small room for children. The room has a door but I would never close it on Zoárd… There are lots of cakes and food and drinks at this place. Though Zoárd did not really make use of the children’s room, you can have a look at it:

Small but it is better than nothing.

There are about six tables in this cafe.

Centre Civic-s (Community centers)

Some of these centers have a membership fee, others organize some programs that are for free. I love the singing classes we go to at Centre Cívic Parc- Sandaru.

I have been to singing classes that do not encourage the babies to wonder off. I prefer to give Zoárd more freedom. 

Singing pretty much gets his attention. HAHA

The Sandaru one has a cafe for sure.

The Sarría one is super close to the Fcg station. This one is for members.


This is a place we only went to once because the birthday party held there on the day we went for a try-out was too loud for me. I think we will give it another go when it is more quiet. 

Active babies and children can have a real good time here.


Please do not make me search for the pictures I took at this place. All I can say is, that this cafe is nice and it has a tiny corner for children. Perfect for babies that you can just put down and who will stay in one place.

Barcelona has a beach you know

If you are on a low budget, give your baby some sand to play with.

Here is one happy baby.


14 thoughts on “Baby Friendly Places in Barcelona

  1. There were a couple of toddlers in the bar I was in last night. They kept disappearing under furniture and having to be dragged out by a foot 😉 Seems like Riga could do with a few places like these! 🙂

  2. All those places look brilliant. What a fantastic place to live! I have only been to Barcelona once, with my husband pre-children, but would love to go back one day. Such a beautiful city. Do you miss Thailand at all? Will you be going back there? XXX

  3. My son would of had a fistful of sand in his mouth faster than I could say “we don’t eat sand!!” LOL. Your baby knows how to have a proper good time 😄

    This post made me think about my life. It seems like every time the kids are asleep my husband and I are off doing things on our own. It’s made me wonder what it was we did together before they came along…it must have been something, LOL. Or how did we ever get to the “married with kids part”?
    Your posts always get me thinking…perhaps that’s why I like your blog so much. 😃

  4. Barcelona has such fun places! 🙂 I love the baby deli and the beach the most 🙂 Here in Hungary they don’t really have places that is baby friendly , like cafes…. they might have kid friendly, but usually it is either good for the kid or good for the adult….

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