What Do You Do With Your Partner After Your Baby Is Asleep?

I hope I will not disappoint you. I am not blushing, are you?!

I wrote in the summer about my ideas of a good marriage. We have ten years under our belt so I always tell myself that I am licensed to pass on my wisdom:


Now if Zoárd does not poo and require a diaper change, I will tell you what we do, when he takes a nap. We believe in the methods found in the Spartans community. “Discipline and physical toughness is emphasized” so Zoárd starts his one single nap per day at exactly 1 pm…..
‘I need to change his diaper’- our method must be failing, he should be able to change it for himself by now. HAHA

I do not remember the time when Zoárd had a nap at home. We go for walks, he sleeps in the stroller. Barcelona is a charming city, perfect for walking! You see nice things all the time!

But let’s not make the world of Barcelona so light and colorful. Sometimes it is hard work and lots of praying putting Zoárd to sleep in order to enjoy the lunch we booked for 1:03.

And now we are getting closer to what it is that we do while Zoárd sleeps. Well…

We eat.

And Spain is known for its tapas. So we order a LOT. 

We went to Casa de Tapes on Saturday and the 7 Portes on Sunday.

Do you think it is fun and sexy to eat a lot with your partner? Does it count what you are eating?

Quail. Would you eat it with the love of your life?

Beef. Macho or feminine? Unisex?

Aubergines and peppers. Is this something to share on a date?

Beef cannelloni. Is it a turn on or a turn off?

I am not done here. This post is about 2 lunches we had! Oh yeah…

Do you prefer fancy places or laid back ones?

Do you like to try out new tastes or do you prefer to order dishes you are already friends with?

Home-made gnocchies must be your favorite food. If not than what is?!

Accidental boob brush. Seriously. I asked the waitress to take another picture but my hair looked awful on the second one. But let’s concentrate on You know, what is it that you like to do with your Love?



18 thoughts on “What Do You Do With Your Partner After Your Baby Is Asleep?

  1. Haha! I like to sleep! We are so exhausted. But like you we are eaters. We love to eat, cook and enjoy good food. Now that Ale is sleeping better we try to slip in a movie. But I just like being with my love. We have been together for 15 years!

  2. Our older one does not usually nap anymore so… well, she does rest a bit, I believe it is good to quiet down for a while and she needs to do it at daycare too so we may get 30min quiet time on the weekends. What do we do then? Usually have a drink (tea, V, port…) AND then sit at our own computers in separate rooms. Or read. Romantic, huh?! 😀
    But, and there is a big but, our kids go to bed 7.30-8pm nowadays so we have a fair amount of time then. That time is divided between exercise, other hobbies (crafts, my husbands own “hobby company”), all the need-to-do’s, and something we call sofa dates twice a week (i’ve blogged about that one too).
    Eating would be a nice thing too but we try to eat together with our kids (setting example, especially for the very picky eater) and eating more than that, well, there is a limit, even for me 😉 But if we have a babysitter, that is when we typically head for a nice restaurant!

  3. I’m not sure if I can call him ‘my love’ yet, but we’re going to an Ice Sculpture festival this weekend 😉 Also, any man who likes a woman who nibbles on a stick of celery is not for me – I like my grub and the sooner he knows that, the better 😉

  4. Congratulations on 10 years of a marriage and for having fine taste in food! I’m married 26 years and we stay happily connected through love notes (& texts & calls), watching our own movie while our children watch theirs, attending church, enjoying craft beer and following baseball together. It makes my heart sing to see your commitment to making and keeping your marriage happy ❤ Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love the photo of you 2 in front of that cat! The beef canneloni and the gnocchi look great! You know I love your food photos ! for your question I don’t have a good answer: when baby sleeps husband is either not here, or if he is here he is also sleeping….

  6. ha! Love the accidental boob brush, really emphasizes the sexiness of the simple things we love to do with our partners. I’d love to say its wild crazy sex but its really the other simple things that make us closer, sitting by a fire with a drink chatting about our lives, eating a dinner out slowly with lots of food! (so, yes to that question above), and sometimes just being in the same room with eachother doing our solo things. Love this post, yummy tapas! xo

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