Selfie With Baby

I wished this to be a fun post and not a gloomy one so I did a tiny bit of research on what a selfie is. As odd as it may seem but it was only a few months back that I first heard this expression. I was at a cafe with a friend and I told her that I am amazed by the pictures my husband’s teenage sister posts on Facebook because I have a feeling I am missing out on a phenomenon. “She is taking selfies of herself” -was my friend’s clever explanation.

Later, I also found out that it is anything but cool to ask a teenager about her selfies. I was honestly curious: “so how did you come up with the idea of taking pictures of your boobs?”. The answer was wage something about just messing around with friends. The body language however, was clear as water: “let’s drop it!”.

If you feel like learning about selfies, I strongly suggest wikipedia to start out with. You will realize for example, that you are reading about the word of the year (in 2013)…

I would love to encourage any of you to share links to selfie related posts of yours in my comment below. 

My little project popped out of my head because my husband is away on business. I take pictures for him every day and so far I have seven to share with You. But wait! Could you let me know what you personally think about the selfie phenomenon? I am a curious person, it would be nice to know…



20 thoughts on “Selfie With Baby

  1. Yep, no point in thinking down upon it. It’s a photo. Who cares if you take it yourself?!
    I know! He really has got to get in more photos. I take a decent amount with him and the kids but I don’t have a lot of recent ones with him myself.

  2. V and I do selfies all the time. In fact I only have a handful of photos that others have took. If it wasn’t for selfies V and I wouldn’t have any pictures together.
    Maybe I’ll share a few some day.

  3. Your selfies are gorgeous! I don’t take many pictures but I do take selfies with my kids and husband when we’re at fun events. Maybe I should take them more often? Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. I’ve taken a few selfies for the blog… I do feel daft doing it though! I try not to if I can help it… my face always looks really odd! lol

    Zoard’s hair has really grown… he’s looking like a proper little boy now, and no longer a baby! xx

  5. Beautiful selfies! I only recently learned of this phenomenon too, makes me feel old 😉 I’m not much of a selfie taker but I can kind of see the appeal, they’re moderation. haha

    • I am far from being up to date on some of these things but I like to take mental notes of new things I hear of. Just yesterday, a friend was telling me about her bike stroller. Ah what?! OK, google… 😛

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