9 Tips On How To Be More Romantic?

This time, I really, really, really did a gigantic research on my topic. WikiHow is fantastic!
I wished to find out how to be more romantic. And I noticed, that this topic is mostly aimed at men. Well, ladies… this post of mine is looking at You or should I correct myself and say it is looking at Me. HAHA

You might be puzzled because I recently wrote about how my husband and I make the most of our time spent together:
And I also wrote tips on how to keep your husband/boyfriend:

So to ease your confusion, being romantic takes work and I haven’t specifically worked on being romantic in the real sense of the word. Of course you can always find lists where being a romantic wife only requires honesty; talking with your spouse without having the television on and taking walks. Sorry to sound big-headed but these are the minimum for me. I hoped I could challenge myself in order to improve my romantic side.

1. If He Appreciates Them Give Him Flowers
How was this a challenge, you think. Did I have to make my husband like flowers to start out with? My husband actually has a flower type he might call his favorite in a dating game. Tulips. However, he is not wild about flowers that are not in a pot. The challenges that I was facing were:
finding tulips in a pot;
finding a flower shop that is opened during siesta (my fault);
fitting in the flower shop with the stroller;
taking the flower up in the elevator which is so tiny, even our stroller can hardly fit inside it;
See?! If this is already a “challenge” for me than I really need to “work” on being more romantic.

2. Give Him a Personalized Gift

I thought of baking him an apple pie. Huh?! – is that what you just said?! HAHA
My husband is trying to lower his cholesterol so these are some of the ingredients I could not use:
– wheat
– sugar
– butter/margarine or vegetable oil

3. Do Something For Him That He Dislikes Doing (Chore) 

This was a great idea. At our home, I do not take care of my husband’s clothes, the ones that need a special treatment. Maybe I should, maybe I shouldn’t. This is an interesting question but let me show you what I managed to do… HAHA
I took his pants and a knitted sweater to be professionally cleaned.
One pants of his needed a tailor…
I hand-washed the collars of his shirts. Zoárd helped me with the final stage: taking them out of the washing machine.


4. Take Him On a Date

My husband enjoys picking out the places we try out when we eat out. But of course he would never reject to a good brunch if I found one. I was slightly nervous about this but luckily, I found a great local cafe. I think it is not strong to say: he is not a fan of me taking pictures of his food when he is trying to start eating… So I took a picture of my pancake.

5. Compliment on Him 

This almost made me anti-romantic! If you read about this tip on the Internet they will warn you about irony. And at first, it was difficult for me to compliment on my husband’s idea to out grow his beard again. But now I am OK with it, I even found a funny article:
So though I prefer the first look for my husband, I will be just as happy with the second look…


6. Leave a Love Note

Literally, everywhere you will find that writing a love poem is the best. Well, I came up with a comparison and wrote that on a heart. My love is like an invisible walking stick that will be with my husband forever. I was quite proud of myself so do not make jokes about this… unless they are very funny ones…

7. Look Sexy

It might seem that everything is an “effort” for me. Well, my idea of being sexy is surprisingly different from what my husband likes. Though he might protest and say he has no problem with the first look either, he just thinks the teletubby look is nicer on me… 


8. Name a Dish After Him

I found this creative so I actually did this. You will probably not ask for the recipe because remember when I go low cholesterol shopping I come home with things like…

9. Listen To The Clues He is Giving

I really understand that this is a helpful idea to give to someone who would like to be more romantic. For example, my husband told me a couple of days ago that the chicken with the black feet are a specialty. The only problem is, you have to buy the whole chicken and prepare it yourself at home. So that could be a tip if I ever think of surprising my husband with a treat…





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