How True Are You To Yourself ?

I had a dilemma giving a title to this post. I was planning on expressing both with words but mostly with pictures some of the things I have done lately focusing on anything that is new to me at the moment. I was going to jump right in and share with You my new phone. And then Heather found my blog and asked me if I were able to share a link to her blog which raises awareness to a disease that can be prevented. Namely, it is Asbetos Awareness Week. You can read about it more here.

Recently, Zoárd had the fortune to see both his grandmothers. Because of these visits, I defined who I am in many situations I think. There was an exercise we did in one of my psychology classes back in my university years. You had to finish the sentence “I am….” ten times. Go ahead, grab a pen or your keyboard and give it a try…


… a thoughtful person. This is over-rated by me but I like remembering the little things mentioned by others. Zoárd does not “mention” yet what is important to him but I try to notice anyways. I scrubbed, washed and dried his green shoe because it is his teddy bear.

Back to the green shoe a bit: if anyone knows where I can purchase more of it, please let me know. It was originally a present given by my sister and she found the pair at an Irish pub. But one got lost…

… a lover of my two men. My little man was visiting my big man at his school. 

Graduation picture!!!

… a friend. I would like to be a better friend so I am sending out flying kisses right now to all my friends. And just so it is clear. I had my first hot dog. 

If you would like to know how my meat eating started, I suggest you read how I waved good-bye to being a vegetarian.

And one more thing: this is a tofu hot dog!!! So sorry! I meant to eat a real one but I thought they would have a chicken hot dog or a beef hot dog… 

… a healthy person. We could start debating on what counts as being healthy but what I would really like to shout out loud is:
I bought a membership and I started swimming again!!!! 

… a supporter. I take this role very seriously. I am hoping that I can help without being controlling. I let Zoárd find his own path. 

… curious. I deliberately did not write open-minded because that would have sounded strange. Let me explain. This is my new phone and this is the first time I am the owner of a touch screen phone. Obviously, I was among the conservative telephone owners. So how open-minded can I be, right?! It was time for me to embrace this new experience and with many things I was curious enough to say yes, please!

And I also said yes to sea weed. It is our first time cooking with it. You see, it is not part of the typical Hungarian cuisine… 

And a curious mommy can raise a curious child… 

… playful. Why am I adding more and more pictures of Zoárd when I am trying to explain who I think I am?! Well, I have more pictures of him being cute and I am guessing I have something to do with the fact that he loves playing with a box of tea in his snowman shoes… HAHA
I wrote a very sweet post on playfulness. Modesty is not on my list, OK?! HAHA You can read the post here.

Alright, I stop here. I am looking forward to all comments. Stay true to yourself!!!




23 thoughts on “How True Are You To Yourself ?

  1. I feel like I know you much better! I want to try this now… I would have to think very hard of ten things I think (or maybe it will come easily). Hmmm… I will let you know. 🙂

      • Yeah, in high school, a little bit in college and now just here and there when the opportunity arises. I lived and breathed it years ago..waking at the crack of dawn for practice and then again in the afternoon. I still love it! I will definitely let you know. I probably won’t be able to work it into my schedule until the fall. I have some workouts I could pass on to you. I trained my sister for her first triathlon.

      • Do you think it is odd that I have a returning knee pain since I gave birth? I would love to jog and I am hoping the swimming will help me with the pain I get, even when I jog for a short time, really slowly.

  2. Hey! Great post!! I miss hearing from you but I’m happy you are doing so well. 🙂 Being true to yourself is really the most important thing in life, in my opinion.
    Zoard is getting so big!

    • I was so tempted to start chatting with you yesterday but I had a feeling I would not be able to do a “whole chat”… Life is speedy but who is complaining, right?! 😛

    • Sweet, sweet, sweet! I read your post and don’t laugh… I start singing: we put the toys back in the box, in the box, in the box, in the box… so we can play with them tomorrow. (I am proud to say, I made this song up!) This is how we clean up with Zoárd. But “we” is a strong word here. HAHA

      • At least you’re starting early. That is definitely the key and to step back and let them do it at their own pace when they get a bit older. Love the song – I might borrow it for my kids’ tidy up time! Hope you’re doing well. xxx

  3. Very nice post. I love the idea of “who am I” — I went through this exercise at an ashram in India, years back. Love that Irish outfit on Zoard. Sorry to hear you are no longer a vegetarian. I have been one since high school and never felt better nor regretted it for a second — especially because I deplore the brutal and inhumane treatment of the factory-farm animals that go into most of our food in the US (maybe not in Spain). As usual, it is a pleasure to visit your blog.

  4. I really love this post! I’m going to do the same at some point and I’ll link back to you. I am finding myself again after being lost. I loved reading about who you are – thank you for sharing 🙂

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