Pregnancy Versus Eyebrow Shaping

Lana had a writing challenge that I just read about. I have two hours until the deadline… I will make it! Lana’s idea is to go down nostalgia lane. Please check out what she wrote here. I also like what Jenni wrote for this challenge, in fact I am checking out a book she mentioned right now. You can read her post here. Thank you for motivating me!

As I understood, the challenge is to think of a “happy time”. I know that my husband would also agree that for both of us it is a great “memory” when I finally became pregnant without a miscarriage. So I started looking at the pictures I took of myself and of my husband every single day of my (our) pregnancy and I was feeling bubbly and joyful inside until I thought of the context I would write in. It would have been logical to write about the ten IUI-s and about the previous time, before we met with doctors. And it became clear to me that I still feel a lot of anger inside me. We were not encouraged to try some more on our own, after a whole year of no success and though I do not know for sure but this might have been a big mistake. It is not something I should dwell on but maybe it is easier on my soul if I feel nostalgic over the times when I liked the shape of my eyebrows.

This is me taken by me. I had to use my eyebrow gel to make my eyebrows look darker. I asked the hairdresser to match it up with my roots that I had her color yesterday. I also asked her to make me look similar to Zoárd. Double my fault. HAHA

If you are new to my blog: He is Zoárd, our lovely baby. 

I like my thin eyebrows here and we look like a nice couple. Which we are, I am not saying we are not anymore… HAHA

I know, I know… You cannot see my eyebrows on this picture… but it is a nice dress I am wearing, wouldn’t you agree?!

There! Thin eyebrows and blond hair. Are you staring at something else?!

I am starting to be very random. Here is a picture of me when I was young. Very young. Are you starting to understand why Zoárd is dressed so colorfully?! 

Do you find yourself focusing on other topics when something is difficult for you to talk about?


16 thoughts on “Pregnancy Versus Eyebrow Shaping

  1. I tend to always focus on something else when there is something difficult to talk about. 🙂
    I have always had some pride about the shape of my eyebrows (its my favorite part of my face), so knowing that someone feels the way I do about eyebrows makes me feel more normal. Love all the pictures!

  2. Hahaha, your post made us laugh … life is full of good times (and, unfortunately, bad times too), and you should always try to remember the good, and forget the bad. Your eyebrows are definitely something to be proud of. Gorgeous! XOXO N & N

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