Living Again in the Five Star Hotel…

I am utterly surprised. I was going to sit down by my laptop to write an email to a dear friend of mine but while I was waiting for gmail to stop saying “loading”, I ended up here.

I thought I ended blogging. Why? I have a new passion one might say. Instagram. Plus I felt my blogging became one sided. I did not have time anymore to read my sweet fellow blogger’s posts and I felt rotten about it.

Enough said about why I betrayed my own blog. By the way, if you read this much so far, you are very kind. And if you happen to be saying to yourself, oh I hope she will not end this post without telling me how I can find her on Instagram…. I have good news for you. I will tell you and I will also tell you a bit about how our life is nowadays. What is the last thing you know about us? Oh yes… my eyebrows… They are doing fine, thank you. I found someone at the spa, here in Thailand who was shocked at “how thin I like it” but is willing to do the shaping.

What spa?! What Thailand?! Oh boy… are you new to my blog? Hey, no worries…. I will fill you in quickly: my husband runs a beautiful hotel, here on Samui and we actually live in the hotel. We did live in Spain too… twice…

Anyways, Zoard can now use words like gecko and shy. He can say sawadee khap when he feels like it. Well sort of. He is better at putting his hands together to greet someone with respect. And highfiving is super easy for him even when he feels somewhat shy about it. He loves the buggies that take us up to our room. The hotel is on a hill…

Do you want to see some of my pictures? And I am krokovayeszter on Instagram…

For some reason, I cannot see any of the pictures I am trying to attach to this post and I am at the point of giving up. If you do happen to see some random pictures at the end of this post then that is great, if not, so sorry. I have no idea why… xoxo



12 thoughts on “Living Again in the Five Star Hotel…

    • Yeah the picture inserting was a pain in the… All of them did end up at the beginning of my post for some reason.
      Zoard was actually just playing with my overnight oats.


    • The following day that I wrote my last post, I could not upload any of my pictures and really thought of giving up but I am back and I have an idea for a new project… Do you post every day?

      xoxo, Eszter

      • I would love to post every day but unfortunately, I have a newborn baby who keeps me so busy that I haven’t the time. 😦 I’m trying to blog as much as possible, though… have been at it for just a few months and getting into it. Glad you are not ‘finished’ with your blog – I’ll keep reading xx

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