What Would Be The Three Things You Would Take to an Island?

Someone is coming to Koh Samui from Hungary and my mind went blank when the question came up, what would I like him to bring to us. He will meet up with my mother-in-law so basically I can ask for anything. I first thought of all sorts of pastries with cottage cheese in them but it is not so practical. Then there is a type of salt stick called Nogradi but it is sort of a nostalgia product so it is super difficult to get your hands on them. They were popular when I was a kid. When was that? Never mind…

So far, I asked for black pants for Zoard (I am guessing ZARA or H&M might have a pair for him); Old Spice deodorant for my husband and any color of Essie nail polish (I wanted to make it “fun” for my mother-in-law ).

What would you ask from your home town? 

Now for some more serious topics. Do you have a beanie brand that you really like?




Aussie Kids Here I Come

When the hotel we live in (runned by my husband) has a full house it usually means we have to move to the last room available, anywhere in the hotel. Well this time even that last room is taken so we had to move out for a few days. I am not going to complain.

And I kept myself busy even though in the mornings we go back to our hotel until lunch time and I have to entertain Zoard which is not easy (for me) and at this hotel we are staying at, they gave away their last cot. It just means our quality of sleep became pretty bad. HAHA

On Instagram I became the moderator of a page called @AUSSIE_KIDS. So anyone reading this who likes to tag pictures with their son, daughter, niece, nephew little cousin etc. on it, follow this page and use the hashtag #aussie_kids.

You can also follow me if you like @krokovayeszter

Zoard became the brand representative of another cute company that specializes on moccasins. They were eager to find two little boys to market their moccasins so I assume the fall collection will have more unisex and boyish pieces. This is especially exciting for us because Zoard is bare feet day and night but we often talk about this phenomenon with my husband.  In general, we are doing the right thing of letting him walk around like a little son of Nature but these moccasins are soft shoes so we should use them at least when the pavement is hot. Anyways, for me this is more about helping an entrepreneur. We really do not need free clothes and shoes since Zoard is happy as one can be basically being naked.

Please take a look at the Litte Bean Footwear if you have a little one at home or you like to give presents to younger children.

I took pictures as well that I am not going to share on Instagram because if there is a series of pictures I only pick out one to share. In rare occasions two.

He is saying two jet skis or two speed boats or two big airplanes… HAHA


Here he only saw one jet ski or speed boat or big airplane in which case pointing is enough. 

Have a nice day!!


How Important is Gender to You?

– “What a cute girl you have!”
– “Thank you. He is a boy.”

When you have a newborn, you would imagine that all babies look like a boy baby because you are so genderless when you enter this world. I am just playing with the thoughts in my head but perhaps people with daughters get the “cute little boy” compliments more often in the beginning. Nobody ever thought Zoard was a girl when he was a newborn.

Later your child starts to have characteristics that make him or her unique. And I suppose when you constantly get the feedback that your baby looks like the opposite gender, you become uncomfortable about it. But why?!

I am trying to imagine the situation where someone would take me for a man. For example, I would be standing next to my husband wearing a hat and shorts and someone would gently touch my husband’s elbow and tell him that it is great that homosexuality is much more acceptable in Thailand because he really found a cute little boy for himself.

I would keep saying for months: “I really look like a boy?!”

I would be insulted because the message behind this remark would be that I may be a good looking BOY but I am sure an ugly woman. 

In case of your own child, maybe deep inside you think the punch was aimed at you for not being able to send the right signals to the world about your little one’s gender. 

I always say to everyone that Zoard is beautiful and beauty is strongly associated with the female world. Even when I dress him in blue people think I have a girl dressed in blue…

Of course I could do more to make him look more macho but I resist doing so because even when it comes to men I like to see feminine traits. I like when a guy is secure in his identity. Being a men to me does not come from the color of his T-shirt.

One piece of domino. Is this unisex? Macho? Girly? 

Any thoughts girls and boys???

A Day in The Hotel We Live in

When you live in a five star hotel, nobody else has to feel empathy towards you. Seriously. I UNDERSTAND. Why would anyone think about how it must be tough for us that we sometimes lack privacy? I am not comparing ourselves to celebrities but I too have to think twice once I leave our room.

When more than 100 people work for a hotel, you know you will bump in to someone in less than two minutes. This is why, I decided to start a mini project. I will take pictures of Zoard interacting with others. 

Zoard likes to make the first move towards others. Once he has done this, he is really kind and friendly. The challenge for me is to make the situation not so uncomfortable when someone is too eager to become BBF with Zoard. 

Zoard likes it when he can watch someone or even help out like he did today. Picking grass with one of the gardeners was something that really suited him:

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

He prefers to be independent and he does not stand in line to be picked up with a few exceptions. All buggy (golf cart that takes the guests up and down the mountain) drivers are a saint and he knows that hanging out with them is a treat. So even if others are decorating the reception (which is also quite cool…) he will prefer a saintly driver:

others (3)

others bee

If I am not around, which is almost never than selfies are popular with Zoard but how much nicer it is when I offer to take a picture (which I will do more in the future).

others harris

How would you describe your child when it comes to socializing?



Always Remember That You are Absolutely Unique.

As I get older I wish to blend in more and be less of a rebel. Especially, now that I am a parent. At the same time, it is fun to be unique. 

On Sundays, we not only have the ritual now to leave the hotel we live in but we also try to have lunch at the same place whenever it is possible. 

Since nobody who is reading this blog post lives on this island, it does not matter what the place is called. Plus I forgot. Imagine a hidden, tiny Japanese restaurant. They have maybe three tables in front and three in the back. You have to wait for your food for 40 minutes in average. Our trick is to be the first ones when they open at noon. 

The owner is a very old-fashioned Japanese guy. He does not want to get rich by owning the best Japanese restaurant on the island and for this reason, advertising and having space for parking is not important for him. 

We are probably the only ones who come to his restaurant with a child this young.
Do people give Japanese food to toddlers where you live? 

This was actually one topic we are kind of unique in. At least here so let me know your thoughts. The other topic is related to my last post. What do you think about styling the way your children look?  By styling I mean making an effort when it comes to the clothes and accessories your children wear. How much do you spend on your childrens’ wardrobe and what is your opinion on the matter?

I actually do not have a clue on how much I spend on Zoard. What I do know is that I try to shop for his new clothes when they are on sale. I did my last big shopping for him on Black Friday. And we bought a few things for my new hobby. I started understanding that if I wish Zoard to represent a small clothing company than I need my pictures to be a little less unique. We also “had to” buy some black, white and grey clothes for him in Malaysia. I think Thai children are wearing Angry Birds and Doremon most of the time which is not the look I am going for. 

Zoard is going to be representing a brand called Little Faces. And they actually liked the picture of Zoard being quite colorful. Here is their website. I will write more about them when we will start getting cute clothes from them. I am practicing every single day to improve my skills as a photographer and I am really doing it with great passion which is very good I think. Here is the picture of Zoard that was chosen (five other children will be representing Little Faces for the fall):


The picture was cropped when I entered Little Faces’ brand representative search. You can see all my pictures on Instagram: krokovayeszter is my account name. Or you can click here

Toddler OOTD

I remember that last year I did not know what OOTD stands for and now I am using this abbreviation! Outfit of The Day.

I took this picture this morning. As you can see, Zoard never wears shoes. He has a very warm Mini Boden star patch cord pants on because I took this picture for Instagram to symbolize that summer is almost over and fall is around the corner. I will post this picture probably closer to the end of this month.
Zoard does not own a black beanie so for now, I use my Bonds underwear as a hat.

Would you like to see more OOTD posts? 

How Did You Meet Your Latest Friend?

Today I am going to start off by posting a picture to replace the one I picked yesterday as a capture to close my blog post with. Hopefully this one will be more friendly looking… HAHA

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

And now tell me about your friend, the one you met some time this year maybe?! Last year?! The last one you met.
Yesterday I was reading an email from a girl whom I met in Barcelona and she was asking if I have met any friends yet. I actually thought for a moment that that is a very inconsiderate question to ask. I was murmuring to myself doesn’t she understand my situation?!

Well maybe it is hard to picture the way we live here or maybe I am not doing something right.

Side note: I am sure I had hundreds of people read my blog at least one time and nobody ever commented: hey I live on Koh Samui too!

I looked at several expat communities but it is not helping me out if I find friends in Bangkok…

The hotel we live in is fully booked as we speak so why don’t I just dig in and find a cute friend among the cute looking hotel guests?!
Have you ever been on a holiday or in a nice restaurant where you ended up being best friends with the general manager’s wife? It does not work this way. Even if I open up to someone who is here for a short time, the person is going to go back! I recently met a super adorable Australian family. They had a son Zoard’s age, they were cool and very kind but they went back to Melbourne and they did not mention moving to Koh Samui… 

The whole truth is that I am not even that eager to start a conversation with anyone because I do not want to end up liking them and seeing them leave. I already have pen friends. And many people on Instagram are beyond nice. Oh speaking of Instagram…

See the picture on the right corner? On the top. That is my latest picture from Instagram. I tried every single way, to type in above it that this is a picture from my Instagram. No luck. How will anyone know that if they click on it, they find my Instagram account? Ideas, anyone? Maybe You will know…

Alright back to you and your friend. Come on make me jealous! HAHA

What is Easy For You?

I felt emotionally drained by the time Zoard took his nap. When he was younger, even the most challenging days seemed more digestible than now. The fact that I am often hungry is strongly connected with the way I feel. Respectable parenting might advise me to let Zoard express his anger but it is simply not nice to ruin the peaceful vacation of others. And Zoard does get upset when he cannot get my full attention. Or he wonders off which is not a better alternative for me. 

I really felt isolated and sad today so I tried to focus on things that come easy to me. 

1. Not eating chocolate.

I get bad acne from chocolate so I stopped eating anything with cocoa in it 21 years ago. I really hated having a horrible skin so it was actually a relief when the dermatologist told me what was the main cause to my problem. 

2. Singing and reading out loud.

I have met many mothers of babies, toddlers… who are afraid to sing to their child. Well I am not one of them. HAHA I even made up a different melody to “rock a bye baby” and I think it is quite awesome the way I sing it. I can read stories nicely too in my humble opinion so I enjoy doing it.

3. Being naked around others.

It is not like I run around naked all the time but going to a typical Turkish bath is not a problem for me. I breast feed in public and I would not faint if I would have to change my clothes in a car. Maybe this is an Eastern European thing?! Or maybe not. 

4. Travelling and packing.

I have slept on trains, I probably flew more than a hundred times and I know what it is like to do a road trip without air conditioning. Packing is also easy for me though I rarely do the logistics of how to make everything fit in to a suitcase. So maybe I should say it is easy for me to point at my belongings which I am eager to take with me on a journey. Did I mention that today we moved rooms again?!

5. Doing my make-up.

Maybe this is easy for everyone who likes make-up but it still counts, right?!

6. When people say something to me, it is usually easy for me to know what inner conflict the person has or what kind of emotions are playing an important role right there and then.

After all, I am a psychologist or what?!

7. Editing pictures.

I mostly use picmonkey and the free version of vsco cam. This is my hobby and love it!

I thought this picture will be a good match with this post but I admit there is something odd about it… HAHA


What is easy for You?

Toddler Friendly Places in Koh Samui 1.

When you work in a hotel, the concept of weekends do not really exist. Lately, my husband is trying hard to make his Sundays semi-work free. 

I would really love to know more about how other families spend their so-called-free time. I think for us, it is essential that we participate in activities Zoard can be involved in. We tried a few dinner dates with friends and usually it was a disaster if we went out. In general, eating out is a pain in the … Zoard wants to explore the world and we end up stuffing our food down in literally seconds.

Maybe young children are not so keen on eating nicely prepared vegetables and meat for more than five minutes but they sure are interested in animals (and gardening).


Our first attempt was to show Zoard an elephant.
Side note: in my opinion, elephant rides are NOT recommended for babies.

elefant collage
This program lasts about 3 minutes. If your toddler is already the proud owner of a stuffed elephant it could be longer. 5 minutes! But seriously, it all depends on the age I think. But basically an elephant is something you can look at but cannot really touch. So even for some cool pictures, you have to get creative… HAHA
Ask your hotel about the nearest place to find some nice elephants. We went to Maenam.


There is a butterfly park on the island that we haven’t been to because we think it is probably steaming hot inside. But have no fear, butterflies can be seen everywhere. Keywords to help you spot them: flowers, bushes, sunny weather.

pillango inst
I tend to analyze things and this is one of those situations… How do you behave when it comes to insects? Do you let your toddler, baby touch them? Do you make faces when you see a big bug? Today I looked pretty alarmed when Zoard tried to touch the “big bug” I rescued from the playroom. I looked alarmed because I was not sure the bug survived Zoard’s friendly attempt to pick it up. Exoskeletons are supposed to be super strong, right?!
Getting back to the butterfly, Zoard is eager to catch on this picture above… well, he broke parts of its wing by accident. I managed to set the butterfly free (we also found the butterfly in the playroom) and flew off but I knew my son weakened it badly. Any thoughts on this?! 


Because of the climate, to this very day, it still seams like a myth that you can go horse riding on Koh Samui. We have seen posters about it but never actually found a contact or heard of anyone seeing horses around here. That of course does not mean they do not exist.
Finding sheep is tricky too and as we found out, finding well kept sheep is even harder. 

Meeting Maria at The Memory Hotel is one of the nicest things of living here. We already took Zoard to see her sheep three times and we would like to make this part of our Sunday family day for good. 

It was heart melting to see our crying baby turn in to a sheep fan. He was truly scared of them at first. 

These animals are given a shower twice a day and they all have names and framed pictures of them. Maybe Marie had one little lamb but Maria has seven and they are all very happy.



Maria took these wonderful pictures of the first time we visited her sheep and you cannot even tell that Zoard was crying beforehand. 


This is from the second visit…. And here comes the third time we went to see them:

baranyok (1) baranyok (2) baranyok (3) baranyok (4)

I could not be prouder!

What is your approach when it comes to animals?

Toddler Friendly Hotel on Koh Samui

Over the last 4 or 5 years we have stayed in over 70 hotels with my husband. Once you are in the hotel business you have an attraction towards hotels.

Since we actually live in the hotel my husband currently runs, I suppose we notice things that others might not.

For example, I can clearly see that our hotel has a kiddy pool and a room for kids to play in but I would lie if I would say it is always easy for me to look after Zoard in this hotel.

To be fair, we stay in the same room and that room happens to be super close to the restaurant and the pool which I love. But two days ago the hotel had an over booking because of a mistake a booking company’s system had. This means we had to move out of our room to another one because there is a full house and the guests wanted a room type that is like the one we live in.

koltozos view
This is our view so I am by no means complaining. 

At the same time, this blog is about our everyday life so perhaps it is nice to see it from my point of view. And though, I admit we live in Paradise, I do not always find it easy to be here without family or friends to help out.

kolt kicsi (2)
I know I am lucky because I am a stay-at-ho(tel)me mom but this does not mean I do not have to keep an eye on Zoard non-stop and I can just sip cocktails by the pool.

koltozos (6)
I wonder what other parents do who cannot take their toddlers to playgrounds.

koltozos (3)
I assume there are places on our planet where air pollution is pretty bad and there are no playgrounds or “safe spaces” for little ones.  For example, this picture might make you think that Zoard can freely play on the grass but that is not so. The whole hotel is on a mountain so if he would step out on the road he would fall because it is steep almost everywhere. 

koltozos (2)
Zoard is a curious boy and I am sure if it were up to him he would try out both the steam room and the sauna…

koltozos (1)
A friend of mine asked me in an email why I don’t take Zoard to the gym where he can safely run around (or dance as seen on this picture). The gym is great but my friend forgot about one thing: there are others around us who pay to have a relaxing, nice time here so I am not going to let Zoard run around when others are trying to have a nice time working on their figure…

koltozos (5)
Naturally, Zoard thinks the whole hotel is his playground. And he loves the golf carts that take the guests up and down… We call them buggies. It is part of Zoard’s vocabulary. Besides the words car, truck, big truck, van, trolley, bike, airplane… Yes, maybe I could write a post about Zoard’s talking… HAHA

How satisfied are You with the area you live in? Where do your kids do the most climbing, running, exploring?