Posting Every Single Day This Month

If I can add pictures, I am doing this!

This is working! What a relief! OK here is my idea… Sometimes it is not easy to get back on the horse (blogging) and it is nice to know that others are in the same shoes or boat as you are. 

Care to join me?

We should post every single day in August. This is how you make a habit of something, right?!

I will probably write about what it is like living in a hotel and taking care of a toddler. A rather cute toddler… See the picture above?! I asked him to smile for the camera and thanks to him I have a perfect baby and mommy selfie in my hands. Yes, I have a tiny hole on my top. Perfection is a bit boring, right?!

I will meet You here tomorrow. Or on Instagram. My account name is: krokovayeszter.


21 thoughts on “Posting Every Single Day This Month

  1. Happy to see you back! I’m definitely on on board with you for your blogging every day challenge. I took a short break a little while back that turned into an almost 2 month hiatus (oops!). Beautiful picture, by the way (as always 😉 ).

    • Oh great! We could be like sponsors to one another. Have you heard this term used for people who help each other in self help groups?
      May I ask what brought your break suddenly?

      • We could definitely motivate one another!

        I stopped initially because it was the end of the school year and I was swamped with work from the three schools I worked at during the year. Then it took me some time to get back into blogging because I had to find a way to reintegrate it into my routine (as I was used to doing all of my blogging on my lunch breaks).

      • When I send my son to daycare (’round here, we have to pay whether we send the kid or not so even though I’m off work, Charles still goes about 3 days a week), I blog/read posts when I get back from driving him to daycare and then again once he’s down for the night. When I keep him at home with me, I’m on WordPress once he’s down for his afternoon nap and once he’s down for the night 😉

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