Do You Have a Favorite Ritual or Routine?

I think people of all ages can feel an inner balance when they have something (besides having SOMEONE to trust) they can count on. Even if you love spontaneity. Yes, I am talking about You! HAHA

Zoard is 18 months old now. He wakes up pretty much when we wake up around 6 or 7?


While my husband makes sure that the hotel we live in has a happy gym, I take Zoard outside.

Outside to Zoard means leaving the hotel room we all live in. I take pictures of him around the hotel areas. I would like him to become a rep. for a brand one day so I am practicing for that…


The hotel is on a mountain so we have lots of stairs which is great because you can enjoy the view from everywhere. And it helps me when I am trying to capture Zoard…


 We live in the jungle, this is not to be confused with a “garden” so I can never leave Zoard to wonder off a bit but being part of a great adventure always has its give and take.

BREAKFAST RITUALS – oh do comment on this one please!!!

We only eat our lunch in the hotel’s restaurant (so we mostly eat in our room) because we feel it is more respectful towards the hotel’s guests if they can focus on their romantic vacation or dealing with their own family and they do not have to pay any attention to our Zoard. Zoard is a sweetheart and a charmer but he has a hard time tolerating high chairs, baby seats…

Therefor, the two of us have a breakfast ritual. I take out my overnight oats from the minibar (refrigerator for us) and I mix up Zoard’s oats with plain greek yogurt.


The ritual consists of Zoard feeding me and I feed him. I need to be honest with You, he needs to get better with the ratios. I like the same amount of oats, dried pears and coconuts in my mouth. And I like them ONLY in my mouth. Please tell me about your breakfast!

I would like to give credit to the lovely Ase. Without her I would not know what overnight oats are. Check out her blog and her tips on healthy breakfasts for example here.


I try to take Zoard to the hotel’s kids’ club (which Zoard and I call the playroom) around 10 o’clock. Before that, I take him swimming (which is followed by a bath or a shower) or I try to motivate him to let me edit some pictures by explaining to him step by step what I am doing. He likes to take out the memory card from my camera or charge the camera’s battery… But many times he is just impatient with me (poor me HAHA) telling me that he wants to go outside.





I noticed (it was not hard) that Zoard enjoys playing the most when I am half an arm away from him. If you ask me, I am a playful and creative person but my idea of having fun in the playroom is messing around on Instagram (my account name is krokovayeszter) while Zoard plays with something joyfully. 



I know You must be eager to find out what we do at lunch time and after that but let us leave some excitement for tomorrow’s blog post.

Any rituals you love in your weekdays or weekends?




12 thoughts on “Do You Have a Favorite Ritual or Routine?

  1. Chad and I make our own fruit smoothies every morning, well I make them for us that is. Then I give z a choice of what she wants. Usually it is bunny in the hole (bread fried with a egg fried in a hole in the middle), granola cereal or pancakes.
    Oh and I drink about 5 cups of tea 🙂

    • I love fruit smoothies! Which one is your favorite one? Oh and I used to say that drinking tea is my hobby but that was in Europe during winters. What kind of tea do you drink? I was a rooibos fan…

  2. For breakfast, I generally let my son pick what he wants to eat. He can pick from cereal, toast and oatmeal, all of which are at his height in the pantry. When I ask him if he’s ready for breakfast, he’ll toddle about to the pantry, pick what he wants, sets it on the table and grabs the rest from the fridge. Breakfast is also the only time where he gets to pick if he wants to sit in his booster or directly on the grown-up chair (he usually picks the big chair). 😉

  3. I’m so pleased you’re blogging again! And thanks for the mention! We’re on holiday in Sweden at the moment but I’ll be in touch when I’m back in the uk. My blog is being neglected at hat moment – I needed a proper break! Xxx

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