Living in a Hotel with a Toddler

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Yesterday I wrote about Zoard’s (18 months old) daily routine and promised to continue it today.


When other mothers ask me about Zoard’s meals it is hard for me to tell them the exact reason why Zoard is not picky. However, I can tell you the facts that come to my mind:

Zoard is still being breast fed on demand (except when I know he only wants to breast feed because he is a bit frustrated about something). So maybe this does not count as ‘on the demand’.

We mostly eat healthy food around him. My husband follows a strict low-cholesterol diet and I like healthy food when I am not eating a dessert of some kind. HAHA

There is no sugar, nor salt in what Zoard eats.

He eats a lot of fish and salmon is his favorite.


Zoard sleeps between 1 and 3 in the afternoon since he was 10 months old if I remember correctly.


The interesting part is what I do with him when we cannot leave the hotel. For some reason, I cannot get to the pictures I want to use to demonstrate how we “hang out” outside our room but within the hotel’s area. Bummer. Well, when we leave the hotel…. My husband drives us all to a supermarket called Tesco Lotus or to one that is named Big C. This year Central Festival opened so that is also an alternative for us to go to. It is a mall that has a smaller supermarket called Tops Market which is more expensive than the other two but it has a bigger variety in products. We look for things such as whole wheat pasta or chicken liver.

We let Zoard take things off the shelves and build towers of them. Koh Samui is very child friendly and he never damages anything. We always put back everything after he is finished. Does this sound odd?


We mostly go to the mall to let Zoard walk freely without being in danger of getting hit by something or falling off a mountain or getting bit by a dog or snake. You know, the usual stuff. HAHA

Zoard might not be a fan of the Thai brand called CCdoubleO but I like that they copied Abercrombie and Fitch without being super expensive…

Zoard just woke up. Please feel free to comment…


3 thoughts on “Living in a Hotel with a Toddler

  1. We just went to the phuket central festival today 🙂 We actually shopped at our tops… It’s way better than villa markets in many ways, but is a bit more expensive unfortunately. I look forward to hearing about your dinner and evening tomorrow 🙂

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