Toddler Friendly Hotel on Koh Samui

Over the last 4 or 5 years we have stayed in over 70 hotels with my husband. Once you are in the hotel business you have an attraction towards hotels.

Since we actually live in the hotel my husband currently runs, I suppose we notice things that others might not.

For example, I can clearly see that our hotel has a kiddy pool and a room for kids to play in but I would lie if I would say it is always easy for me to look after Zoard in this hotel.

To be fair, we stay in the same room and that room happens to be super close to the restaurant and the pool which I love. But two days ago the hotel had an over booking because of a mistake a booking company’s system had. This means we had to move out of our room to another one because there is a full house and the guests wanted a room type that is like the one we live in.

koltozos view
This is our view so I am by no means complaining. 

At the same time, this blog is about our everyday life so perhaps it is nice to see it from my point of view. And though, I admit we live in Paradise, I do not always find it easy to be here without family or friends to help out.

kolt kicsi (2)
I know I am lucky because I am a stay-at-ho(tel)me mom but this does not mean I do not have to keep an eye on Zoard non-stop and I can just sip cocktails by the pool.

koltozos (6)
I wonder what other parents do who cannot take their toddlers to playgrounds.

koltozos (3)
I assume there are places on our planet where air pollution is pretty bad and there are no playgrounds or “safe spaces” for little ones.  For example, this picture might make you think that Zoard can freely play on the grass but that is not so. The whole hotel is on a mountain so if he would step out on the road he would fall because it is steep almost everywhere. 

koltozos (2)
Zoard is a curious boy and I am sure if it were up to him he would try out both the steam room and the sauna…

koltozos (1)
A friend of mine asked me in an email why I don’t take Zoard to the gym where he can safely run around (or dance as seen on this picture). The gym is great but my friend forgot about one thing: there are others around us who pay to have a relaxing, nice time here so I am not going to let Zoard run around when others are trying to have a nice time working on their figure…

koltozos (5)
Naturally, Zoard thinks the whole hotel is his playground. And he loves the golf carts that take the guests up and down… We call them buggies. It is part of Zoard’s vocabulary. Besides the words car, truck, big truck, van, trolley, bike, airplane… Yes, maybe I could write a post about Zoard’s talking… HAHA

How satisfied are You with the area you live in? Where do your kids do the most climbing, running, exploring?


2 thoughts on “Toddler Friendly Hotel on Koh Samui

  1. After living in small places and moving every month of so last year while traveling, I will say that I became quite adept at entertaining z in small spaces just like you have to. But it was so exhausting and hard. Now that she is older it’s much easier, she loves to talk so we have conversations and tea parties and such. Easier to do in a small place than run around and stuff. You are doing great! You are a good momma.

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