Toddler Friendly Places in Koh Samui 1.

When you work in a hotel, the concept of weekends do not really exist. Lately, my husband is trying hard to make his Sundays semi-work free. 

I would really love to know more about how other families spend their so-called-free time. I think for us, it is essential that we participate in activities Zoard can be involved in. We tried a few dinner dates with friends and usually it was a disaster if we went out. In general, eating out is a pain in the … Zoard wants to explore the world and we end up stuffing our food down in literally seconds.

Maybe young children are not so keen on eating nicely prepared vegetables and meat for more than five minutes but they sure are interested in animals (and gardening).


Our first attempt was to show Zoard an elephant.
Side note: in my opinion, elephant rides are NOT recommended for babies.

elefant collage
This program lasts about 3 minutes. If your toddler is already the proud owner of a stuffed elephant it could be longer. 5 minutes! But seriously, it all depends on the age I think. But basically an elephant is something you can look at but cannot really touch. So even for some cool pictures, you have to get creative… HAHA
Ask your hotel about the nearest place to find some nice elephants. We went to Maenam.


There is a butterfly park on the island that we haven’t been to because we think it is probably steaming hot inside. But have no fear, butterflies can be seen everywhere. Keywords to help you spot them: flowers, bushes, sunny weather.

pillango inst
I tend to analyze things and this is one of those situations… How do you behave when it comes to insects? Do you let your toddler, baby touch them? Do you make faces when you see a big bug? Today I looked pretty alarmed when Zoard tried to touch the “big bug” I rescued from the playroom. I looked alarmed because I was not sure the bug survived Zoard’s friendly attempt to pick it up. Exoskeletons are supposed to be super strong, right?!
Getting back to the butterfly, Zoard is eager to catch on this picture above… well, he broke parts of its wing by accident. I managed to set the butterfly free (we also found the butterfly in the playroom) and flew off but I knew my son weakened it badly. Any thoughts on this?! 


Because of the climate, to this very day, it still seams like a myth that you can go horse riding on Koh Samui. We have seen posters about it but never actually found a contact or heard of anyone seeing horses around here. That of course does not mean they do not exist.
Finding sheep is tricky too and as we found out, finding well kept sheep is even harder. 

Meeting Maria at The Memory Hotel is one of the nicest things of living here. We already took Zoard to see her sheep three times and we would like to make this part of our Sunday family day for good. 

It was heart melting to see our crying baby turn in to a sheep fan. He was truly scared of them at first. 

These animals are given a shower twice a day and they all have names and framed pictures of them. Maybe Marie had one little lamb but Maria has seven and they are all very happy.



Maria took these wonderful pictures of the first time we visited her sheep and you cannot even tell that Zoard was crying beforehand. 


This is from the second visit…. And here comes the third time we went to see them:

baranyok (1) baranyok (2) baranyok (3) baranyok (4)

I could not be prouder!

What is your approach when it comes to animals?


2 thoughts on “Toddler Friendly Places in Koh Samui 1.

  1. I think it’s probably different for each child and parent how they go about introducing different animals. Z has always been pretty interested in animals, we have taken her to zoos and she has always loved petting zoo’s. That beings said, we never force her to get near an animal and teach her that there is a healthy amount of caution that should be shown with each animal. 🙂

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