What is Easy For You?

I felt emotionally drained by the time Zoard took his nap. When he was younger, even the most challenging days seemed more digestible than now. The fact that I am often hungry is strongly connected with the way I feel. Respectable parenting might advise me to let Zoard express his anger but it is simply not nice to ruin the peaceful vacation of others. And Zoard does get upset when he cannot get my full attention. Or he wonders off which is not a better alternative for me. 

I really felt isolated and sad today so I tried to focus on things that come easy to me. 

1. Not eating chocolate.

I get bad acne from chocolate so I stopped eating anything with cocoa in it 21 years ago. I really hated having a horrible skin so it was actually a relief when the dermatologist told me what was the main cause to my problem. 

2. Singing and reading out loud.

I have met many mothers of babies, toddlers… who are afraid to sing to their child. Well I am not one of them. HAHA I even made up a different melody to “rock a bye baby” and I think it is quite awesome the way I sing it. I can read stories nicely too in my humble opinion so I enjoy doing it.

3. Being naked around others.

It is not like I run around naked all the time but going to a typical Turkish bath is not a problem for me. I breast feed in public and I would not faint if I would have to change my clothes in a car. Maybe this is an Eastern European thing?! Or maybe not. 

4. Travelling and packing.

I have slept on trains, I probably flew more than a hundred times and I know what it is like to do a road trip without air conditioning. Packing is also easy for me though I rarely do the logistics of how to make everything fit in to a suitcase. So maybe I should say it is easy for me to point at my belongings which I am eager to take with me on a journey. Did I mention that today we moved rooms again?!

5. Doing my make-up.

Maybe this is easy for everyone who likes make-up but it still counts, right?!

6. When people say something to me, it is usually easy for me to know what inner conflict the person has or what kind of emotions are playing an important role right there and then.

After all, I am a psychologist or what?!

7. Editing pictures.

I mostly use picmonkey and the free version of vsco cam. This is my hobby and love it!

I thought this picture will be a good match with this post but I admit there is something odd about it… HAHA


What is easy for You?


8 thoughts on “What is Easy For You?

  1. Hi kucki,
    I love this picture. Sorry, I’m already married…
    PW = kucki
    I will delete the site when you’ve seen my version. 😉

    1. NES
    I’m a chocoolic. It’s sometimes dramatic. You know the german xmas “Dominosteine”? They are exciting but killing too….
    2. SAROL
    Only when I’m driving by car and alone, some songs I’m singing loud
    3. BNAO
    Oh no!
    That’s not my world. On the other side I have no problem with naked people around me. Sometimes.
    4. TAP
    I’m no ultimate traveller, but no problems with it. 10 Minutes and I’m ready!
    5. DMM
    No big problem with it.
    6. SSTM
    I’m no psychologist but I think I can understand people.
    7. EP
    Do it every day.


    • I would love to read your list! We can normally get room service, that is how we eat our dinner because Zoard is not to be seen by people after seven.. HAHA
      But since we are back from Malaysia we had to move twice and the first room was super far from the restaurant and my husband did not like it when I wanted to order an orange juice. He is the kind of person who would brings the stars down for me but he is also very protective of the people who work here and he would not like them dropping dead because of my orange juice… 😛

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