How Did You Meet Your Latest Friend?

Today I am going to start off by posting a picture to replace the one I picked yesterday as a capture to close my blog post with. Hopefully this one will be more friendly looking… HAHA

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

And now tell me about your friend, the one you met some time this year maybe?! Last year?! The last one you met.
Yesterday I was reading an email from a girl whom I met in Barcelona and she was asking if I have met any friends yet. I actually thought for a moment that that is a very inconsiderate question to ask. I was murmuring to myself doesn’t she understand my situation?!

Well maybe it is hard to picture the way we live here or maybe I am not doing something right.

Side note: I am sure I had hundreds of people read my blog at least one time and nobody ever commented: hey I live on Koh Samui too!

I looked at several expat communities but it is not helping me out if I find friends in Bangkok…

The hotel we live in is fully booked as we speak so why don’t I just dig in and find a cute friend among the cute looking hotel guests?!
Have you ever been on a holiday or in a nice restaurant where you ended up being best friends with the general manager’s wife? It does not work this way. Even if I open up to someone who is here for a short time, the person is going to go back! I recently met a super adorable Australian family. They had a son Zoard’s age, they were cool and very kind but they went back to Melbourne and they did not mention moving to Koh Samui… 

The whole truth is that I am not even that eager to start a conversation with anyone because I do not want to end up liking them and seeing them leave. I already have pen friends. And many people on Instagram are beyond nice. Oh speaking of Instagram…

See the picture on the right corner? On the top. That is my latest picture from Instagram. I tried every single way, to type in above it that this is a picture from my Instagram. No luck. How will anyone know that if they click on it, they find my Instagram account? Ideas, anyone? Maybe You will know…

Alright back to you and your friend. Come on make me jealous! HAHA


15 thoughts on “How Did You Meet Your Latest Friend?

  1. This is probably far from topic, but I just had some relatives visit Koh Samui from India and they were all praise for it. It seems that not many people here are aware about the location. I just had to share this. 😀
    Maybe making true friends just happens when it is meant to happen and when it does, no distance whatsoever would make a difference. :-/

      • I wouldn’t call it luck, but more like if it’s meant to be, it will be. I guess that goes for a lot of things in life. And friendship is a two way street. It takes ‘efforts’ from both sides to be able to maintain it.

  2. I don’t have many friends, but the friends I do have, I care for deeply. I met my last “real life friend (because we live close enough to see one another face to face)” when I was still a student working in a bookstore back in 2007. I met my last “online friend (because, well, we live far enough away that we’ll really have to work hard to see one another face to face – but I still consider her a friend because I care for her a lot) pretty much when I started blogging in 2012.

  3. I totally understand the difficulty you are having, especially making friends with those just visiting, seems like wasted time usually.
    I am really social and friends a must. So here in Phuket I hunted down mommy groups and play groups and dug in and started going. I have made a few friends that way. (Have you joined
    My most recent friend, we were in a restaurant here and a family came in with a little girl z’s age. Z went and talked to her and they seemed to hit it off. We were leaving as they started eating their meal, so after finding out that they live here, I gave them my email address and said if they wanted to hang out, we would love to. They emailed later that week and we are great friends now.
    I am sure there are other expats there with kids! Don’t be discouraged! You never know where your next friend will be 😉

  4. First: you’re looking always friendly.
    😉 you remember the pw?
    (is my play with your picz ok for you?)

    But your theme is another:
    Since I have children it is more difficult to meet friends, even though I live in a fixed location.
    But the ‘old’ friends have younger or older or no children, or they don’t live next to us. New friends are the parents of other children. And when meeting them, the themes are the same: c h i l d r e n.
    Sometimes boring. Really.
    Last time I met a friend is a week ago, it was an really old friend (about 30 years), we were in a biergarten, hearing live music, drinking some beer and eating wiener schnitzel (but pig no calf).
    W I T H O U T children. My children are older than yours, it’s more easy now to meet friends. But your baby is a big boy now, that’s what I see! 😉
    Btw. it was a cover band playing old songs when we both were young guys, looking for young girls. Now we are old boys, looking for peace and relaxation… 🙂
    The times are changing.

  5. Hi Eszter, I think I am able to imagine the situation you are in and I wouldnt call myself inconsiderate… Eventhough you live on an island doesnt mean you can not make (international or local) friends. I am sure Zoard is not the only tolder living on the island! So I did some research and indeed there is an international school and an international kindergarten. So there are definitaly international parents living amongst you, otherwise such a school would not excist. Surely you can get in touch with some of the parents who are in the same situation as you.

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