How Important is Gender to You?

– “What a cute girl you have!”
– “Thank you. He is a boy.”

When you have a newborn, you would imagine that all babies look like a boy baby because you are so genderless when you enter this world. I am just playing with the thoughts in my head but perhaps people with daughters get the “cute little boy” compliments more often in the beginning. Nobody ever thought Zoard was a girl when he was a newborn.

Later your child starts to have characteristics that make him or her unique. And I suppose when you constantly get the feedback that your baby looks like the opposite gender, you become uncomfortable about it. But why?!

I am trying to imagine the situation where someone would take me for a man. For example, I would be standing next to my husband wearing a hat and shorts and someone would gently touch my husband’s elbow and tell him that it is great that homosexuality is much more acceptable in Thailand because he really found a cute little boy for himself.

I would keep saying for months: “I really look like a boy?!”

I would be insulted because the message behind this remark would be that I may be a good looking BOY but I am sure an ugly woman. 

In case of your own child, maybe deep inside you think the punch was aimed at you for not being able to send the right signals to the world about your little one’s gender. 

I always say to everyone that Zoard is beautiful and beauty is strongly associated with the female world. Even when I dress him in blue people think I have a girl dressed in blue…

Of course I could do more to make him look more macho but I resist doing so because even when it comes to men I like to see feminine traits. I like when a guy is secure in his identity. Being a men to me does not come from the color of his T-shirt.

One piece of domino. Is this unisex? Macho? Girly? 

Any thoughts girls and boys???


7 thoughts on “How Important is Gender to You?

  1. I never thought Zoard looked like a girl. He is a beauty but in a boyish way 🙂 Both my boys have been looked as girls before. The nurses at the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) first thought BB#2 was a girl beacuse he had “beutiful lips” 🙂

  2. I do think Zoard has a slightly androgynous face, and that combined with his big, beautiful eyes and smoochable lips (I wish I had his lips, lol) could have people mistaking him for a little girl. I’m of the opinion that he’s a truly gorgeous kid, which is why I made my comment on your Instagram a while back about needing to get a shotgun to keep the girls away as he gets older! 😛

    • Now Zoard’s gender is really a daily topic here on the island. And almost always the conversation is the same which makes me irritated because I do not like to participate in the same silly small talk again and again. I get the question, I answer. “He is a boy”. And then 100% of the time I hear this: “I thought he is a girl.” No kidding…! HAHA

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