What Would Be The Three Things You Would Take to an Island?

Someone is coming to Koh Samui from Hungary and my mind went blank when the question came up, what would I like him to bring to us. He will meet up with my mother-in-law so basically I can ask for anything. I first thought of all sorts of pastries with cottage cheese in them but it is not so practical. Then there is a type of salt stick called Nogradi but it is sort of a nostalgia product so it is super difficult to get your hands on them. They were popular when I was a kid. When was that? Never mind…

So far, I asked for black pants for Zoard (I am guessing ZARA or H&M might have a pair for him); Old Spice deodorant for my husband and any color of Essie nail polish (I wanted to make it “fun” for my mother-in-law ).

What would you ask from your home town? 

Now for some more serious topics. Do you have a beanie brand that you really like?




7 thoughts on “What Would Be The Three Things You Would Take to an Island?

  1. Nogradi salt sticks are not hard to purchase. You can find it in any smaller food shop. One of my favorites too 🙂
    Any good hungarian wine? Chocolate? Book?

    • Hey, Thanks for commenting. I am sorry it took be this long to reply back. Long story… I am still breastfeeding and I am also allergic to chocolates but a book is a great idea. Any suggestions? I prefer books that make me laugh… 🙂

      • I don’t really read comedy – Kovacs Andras Peter, Multigaz was the only one… it was pretty good.
        Apple pie… plum dumplings?!

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