Activities with my Toddler

You might have wanted to read about activities with Your toddler but all I can do is share with you what I do with Zoard and hope that I inspire you in one way or another. Thanks for jumping on board!

As all toddlers, Zoard loves to help out. When I was 18 and I was living with my grandma, I did not understand what I know now: quality does not matter! When someone is ill, old or very, very young it does not matter at all how WELL they help us with various chores.

Zoard loves to stir daddy’s coffee. He can also use some coffee machines and he can say decaf latte (for) mammy.

In Thailand it is not always easy to find products made for children that are safe. If you are thinking arts-and-crafts you would need to find a shopping center that sells stuff from Western countries and it will cost a lot. So we haven’t tried finger painting yet but we did sell the silverware and bought some markers.


I am really excited about this so may I brag with one more picture? His…

I ain’t know psychologist but he is talented! Wait! I am a psychologist!! HAHA

Here are my ideas when it comes to playing with Play-doh and tell me yours…
Zoard is younger than the recommended age for Play-doh but he does not put things in his mouth so we are super lucky in this sense. As this being said, he is still pretty young so he needs guiding. I give him bottle caps and pencils to make shapes. I always start off by making him a base as I call it. This is actually how I started him off on Duplo as well. By giving him a base to build on.


After he gets tired of making shapes, I make him mini balls and he can either put them back in to the holes we previously made or we start making a so called ball tower. A tower made of balls. I really have to encourage him to press the little balls hard when he places them on top of each other.


Building towers are tricky. Usually I have to be very quick to make a foundation that will be strong enough for Zoard’s working hands. He has been playing with Duplo for five months now so he is very good with it but nevertheless, he needs to focus when we are working on a masterpiece and sometimes I give him parallel projects just to make sure he does not lose interest.


Oh and I do talk a lot. He needs full attention when doing something grand as such. Wink wink.

I am not sure when make believe playing starts, simply because I haven’t read in to it yet and I forgot what I studied in child’s development… (oh just found an interesting article on intersubjectivity 😛 )But Zoard is starting to give water to the Duplo figures and he appreciates it if I play with his camel and dog for example. The story was that Dog had to find shoes for Camel…


I will finish this blog post before Zoard wakes up from his nap and if you were wondering if we ever go outside then the answer is for sure! It is essential, no matter where you live. Bangkok is not ideal, living in a hotel on a mountain can be challenging but it is sort of the right a child has to be outdoors, you know…


Please share any thoughts and ideas you might have. And find us on Instagram! My username is: krokovayeszter.


In Search of The Perfect Stuffed Animal

We all need a project. I sure do! We have been in Bangkok for a month now. I go to shopping centers with Zoard nearly everyday. Oh I am not the only foreigner dressed up against the air conditioning at the Lego table.

Most of these children’s departments have a little area with a table where you can play with some Lego. You can also try out the plastic house that is placed close to the plastic cars and motorbikes.  Basically, you can play with anything as long as you do not cause any damage. And another big advantage is that you are not breathing in the air pollution.

Therefor, I am surrounded by all these toys and we already bought Zoard some Duplo, Play-doh and washable Crayola markers. We are supposed to be the parents who suggest their child to play with the toilet paper roll! Anyways, it got me thinking… Zoard started a new habit of holding my hands while falling asleep so maybe he needs a stuffed animal. Yes, one and not more.

I have started searching for the perfect “teddy bear” and I need Your help.

I would like something cuddly and unique. A stuffed animal that is also nice to take pictures of. Zoard is now the brand representative of five brands…

So please find a way to contact me if you have a suggestion. You can comment with a link perhaps or message me on Instagram.
My username is: krokovayeszter

The Bet You Do Not Want To Loose

I lost a bet and as a result I have to do things that are outside my comfort zone for a whole month! I have already done three weeks of it so 1 more week to go. Here they are:

1. I cannot put on make-up.
2. I cannot use hair conditioning.
3. I cannot use an epilator. When was the last time you had a hairy armpit?!
4. I cannot wear any of my Bonds underwear (the 15 pair I have)and I can only wear 3 pairs from Top Shop.
5. I can only wear 2 pair of pants, no skirts…
6. I have to eat the skin of apples.
7. I cannot eat my over night oats. (I am very rigid when it comes to breakfast… HAHA)
8. I cannot eat homemade dumplings. (This might seem like a white men’s problem… and it is!)
9. I have to let Zoard play with my phone every day.
10. I cannot floss.
11. I cannot use a deodorant.
12. I cannot take a family picture on the 16th of the month. (Zoard turned 20 months on the 16th – it is my “thing” to take pics then.)
13. I cannot exercise. (Even restorative yoga is a form of exercise in this sense.)

Which of these are the worse for you? What comes to your mind when you think about stepping out of Your comfort zone…

You can find me on Instagram: krokovayeszter is my username.

A Funny Day

If I look at it this way, all my days are quite “funny” being with Zoard all day long.

For night time, we started using pull-up diapers so Zoard cannot take them off.
Funny moment: Zoard peeing on the edge of our bed.

We go down to have breakfast and the “egg man” is no where to be seen so I ask a waiter to find the “egg man” for us and ask him to make Zoard an omelette well-done with tomatoes.
Funny moment: desperate German father steels our eggs.
Revenge funny moment: my husband takes the German man’s toasts the following day…
Funny moment at night time (Zoard ate too much rombutan and grapes before bed = massive sugar high): Zoard talking to himself: “egg man well-done…”

Zoard wants to go to the pool and we do so.
Funny moment: the water is extremely cold but as a brave mama I dip myself in. Zoard is “finished”. He wants to go to the kids club (playroom).

Zoard wants to go to the playroom and we go, once I wash off the chlorine from the swimming pool.
Funny moment: Zoard is eager to go “outside” since we spent a whole 4 minutes at the playroom.

The pavement is hot. Zoard does not wear shoes. Mosquitoes are attacking him.
Funny moment: at least he is happy that we get to go back to our room and he can push the buttons. One that opens a door, another one for the elevator… Oh he can use the keycard, what joy!

I carry Zoard down to catch a tuk-tuk and from the main road we walk towards the station. The escalator is not working because two security guys are carrying down a teenager in a wheelchair. You can tell on his face that the bump,bump, bump… part is not fun for his injured foot.
Funny moment: none. When we come back 90 minutes later, the escalator is still not working. Hm.

Shopping center time!
I dress Zoard up in the breastfeeding room but the faces he makes look like I am torturing him when in fact, we were discussing all the different vehicles that there are…
Funny moment:


Excuse me… Zoard woke up…

I am Looking for a Penfriend for my Baby

I really think Zoard should socialize with other toddlers so if you know one… who happens to be in Bangkok.

Yes, we are currently in Bangkok so please make sure the toddler you find us is also here. Preferably near a BTS station. You think I should be slightly more flexible?! OK a baby near an MRT station is also welcomed.

Zoard will be 20 months old in a week or so.
He is very chatty so to show you how really flexible I am Your toddler does not have to be a great penpal but he or she should be able to speak some English. Zoard can say around 300 words now so your baby should know at least 30. Or 13.
Zoard currently loves vans with slide doors, long red buses, pink taxis and dark blue cars. Elevators and escalators are a plus.
Please do not bring any sugar to the play date. If you insist on bringing some snacks to share, how about some apples, oranges or rambutan…

We could meet anywhere as long as climbing, running, jumping, going under pillow bridges is involved.

Your toddler is not stylish?! No worries! There is no judging on our part but if you are wondering where Zoard’s organic cotton leggings and beanies are from… Check out Littlefaces.

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Have a loving day!!!