I am Looking for a Penfriend for my Baby

I really think Zoard should socialize with other toddlers so if you know one… who happens to be in Bangkok.

Yes, we are currently in Bangkok so please make sure the toddler you find us is also here. Preferably near a BTS station. You think I should be slightly more flexible?! OK a baby near an MRT station is also welcomed.

Zoard will be 20 months old in a week or so.
He is very chatty so to show you how really flexible I am Your toddler does not have to be a great penpal but he or she should be able to speak some English. Zoard can say around 300 words now so your baby should know at least 30. Or 13.
Zoard currently loves vans with slide doors, long red buses, pink taxis and dark blue cars. Elevators and escalators are a plus.
Please do not bring any sugar to the play date. If you insist on bringing some snacks to share, how about some apples, oranges or rambutan…

We could meet anywhere as long as climbing, running, jumping, going under pillow bridges is involved.

Your toddler is not stylish?! No worries! There is no judging on our part but if you are wondering where Zoard’s organic cotton leggings and beanies are from… Check out Littlefaces.

jenn (1)
Call us.

perfect shouting
Or give us a shout.

Find Zoard on Instagram:    krokovayeszter is my username. 

Have a loving day!!!



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