A Funny Day

If I look at it this way, all my days are quite “funny” being with Zoard all day long.

For night time, we started using pull-up diapers so Zoard cannot take them off.
Funny moment: Zoard peeing on the edge of our bed.

We go down to have breakfast and the “egg man” is no where to be seen so I ask a waiter to find the “egg man” for us and ask him to make Zoard an omelette well-done with tomatoes.
Funny moment: desperate German father steels our eggs.
Revenge funny moment: my husband takes the German man’s toasts the following day…
Funny moment at night time (Zoard ate too much rombutan and grapes before bed = massive sugar high): Zoard talking to himself: “egg man well-done…”

Zoard wants to go to the pool and we do so.
Funny moment: the water is extremely cold but as a brave mama I dip myself in. Zoard is “finished”. He wants to go to the kids club (playroom).

Zoard wants to go to the playroom and we go, once I wash off the chlorine from the swimming pool.
Funny moment: Zoard is eager to go “outside” since we spent a whole 4 minutes at the playroom.

The pavement is hot. Zoard does not wear shoes. Mosquitoes are attacking him.
Funny moment: at least he is happy that we get to go back to our room and he can push the buttons. One that opens a door, another one for the elevator… Oh he can use the keycard, what joy!

I carry Zoard down to catch a tuk-tuk and from the main road we walk towards the station. The escalator is not working because two security guys are carrying down a teenager in a wheelchair. You can tell on his face that the bump,bump, bump… part is not fun for his injured foot.
Funny moment: none. When we come back 90 minutes later, the escalator is still not working. Hm.

Shopping center time!
I dress Zoard up in the breastfeeding room but the faces he makes look like I am torturing him when in fact, we were discussing all the different vehicles that there are…
Funny moment:


Excuse me… Zoard woke up…


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