I Have Been A Bad Bad Girl

I have always been the analytical type way before I became a psychologist. I like to break a situation into pieces when I observe something even if it involves me.

I posted a picture on Instagram that I knew was inappropriate. Why did I do it then?! I am obsessive when it comes to small goals. I dislike big challenges, I do not move mountains but I can build a small, sweet-looking hill out of sand. And this tiny goal of mine at the moment is to become a representative of a brand that is looking for mamas to advertise their tops for exercising. Are you smiling?!

So I had to take a picture of myself showing my whole body. I did this with a ten seconds timer. Ten seconds is already a lot of time when you have a toddler wondering around on concrete. I could not find a better place to put down my camera then where I put it and I had to come up with a pose that will show my body but which also allows me to stay low down. Luckily, Zoard did not fall down a steep slope but the slopes around the villa we live in at the moment are extremely steep so I did not wish to risk it by taking another shot.

OK so I got this off my chest. I did it and now that I did it, it would be silly to delete this capture until the search is over. I feel like my feed became pornographic. I can be so so brainless when I want something that is within arm reach. Well… It is another question to ask: do I really stand a chance to be picked out from a group of bodybuilding ladies?! Do not worry, I will let you know if I become famous. Immediately.

If you became curious about my pictures in Instagram, please keep focus and look at the pictures Zoard is on. Thanks!

My Instagram user name is: krokovayeszter.

Now tell me something just as stupid that you did for a freebie or to win something….


4 thoughts on “I Have Been A Bad Bad Girl

  1. Hi Kucki,
    doing a break these days I stumbled about this post, not because of the “bad girl” in the title, but because there is no pic today. I wondered, hey what’s going on? And you know, I’m always curious…
    Ok, now I know, you’re a bad girl. And what I knowed before (I think so) is, that you’re great in observing and really, I’m sure, nothing what you’re doing is due to chance.
    Anyway, when there is time, I love your blog and I thought about the reason. And hey, I know it now. The reason is: I’m a bad boy!
    Yes, so it is. Most of my interests in the blog world include photography. Ok, I’m doing a second blog about astro-photography and a third about running. And I’m preparing a forth about my fav music. But I don’t know if this last blog will see the lights of live. Back to topic. Because of your inappropriate (what a difficult word!) photo, the bad boy was searching the first time in his life on instagramm. The photo you’re talking about is the one doing sports? Nice. First I saw your glasses, I can’t remember to see you with glasses until now.
    But this is only an example of your whole blog, you don’t have to take of your clothes, I feel like a viewer of your life, standing behind the curtain, you’re showing so much of your life and your family and yourself, it’s so different to me and to my life, and that makes it interesting (for me). And I think you’re full of life from the morning until to the evening. And btw you’re really a good looking young girl 😉 Before and after next sunday 😉 The bad and the good boy are sitting on my shoulders. Hey, when you’re taking more inappropriate (oh my god, what a difficult word again…) pics, it’s ok, I have no problems with 😉
    Ok that’s it. I have to stop before I want more and more.
    So. Now I continue with my break, and in a few day I will blog again. Perhaps. I’m not sure at the moment. I think about stopping it, but I’m thinking about since some months.
    I hope you can laugh about this comment and my older comments too, I always write them with some fun, live is serious the whole day.
    Have a great time, Eszter. Sunny days in life for you and your family.

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