What Do You Want From Me?

Do you know this pop song? Whataya Want from Me… Adam Lambert sings it. Anyways, if you wish to listen to it, I am sure you will find it on youtube. Was I helpful?!

OK click HERE

I brought this song up because at times I am confused about my own blog. I look at the statistics and wow! A lot of you read my blog… Thank you! Thank you!

I am just not sure what to write about that would interest you. It is not easy to write about our life and be politically correct. I know it is my fault that I did not start my blog without showing my face and name and everything…

Here is the deal! As for today, I came up with an idea. Would you like me to help you take better pictures of your children? Do you have a picture you already like but would love some editing on it?

You can send a private message to me on Instagram with your picture included and I can do a tutorial here for those who would like to experiment on their own.

My username on Instagram is: ZOARDMINIBOY

Let me show you a few steps that will lead you to better pictures.

1. If possible, get a camera. Or borrow one.
There is a relevant difference in many cases.



Can you tell which one was taken with a camera? If not, then I didn’t make a point here did I?! HAHA

Should I go on? Is this something You would like to read about? I am indecisive. Alright, send me a message on Instagram and message me a picture if you need any help. In order to do this, you need to follow me.

This is the picture that can be seen on my feed now. Just so you get the picture…



6 thoughts on “What Do You Want From Me?

  1. Lovely pics! the AMAZING background helps πŸ˜‰ i’m not sure mine would be *quite* as stunning in the middle of cars and people… i like to read about little stories, what you are up to, funny things that happen. Things that make us human. Besos from Barcelona xxx

  2. How about writing about the adventures you have in Thailand, what its like to be an expat there? You’ve done a bit about this in the past but sure people would be intrrested in your point of view and how it changes the longer you live there. Also, what about things like goals for the future, things your son is learning, how to teach a child to be bilingual, etc. just some ideas for topics!

    • I think in order to right in full honesty about what it is like to be an expat, you would need to blog without telling your name and showing your face. Even in the past I had to be very careful about what I write. We live on a small island … But I like the idea about what Zoard is learning about – a lot! Thank you!

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