How To Be Pretty (and Pregnant)

I tried to research on the topic of looking hot or more beautiful while being pregnant and I was surprised how little there is on the matter. It seems like, “oh darling, you have a glow” and that is it.

Or you can find the following: drink lots of water and eat healthy; sleep.

I am not saying, my post is going to be triple the times original but maybe I can add to the list of “wash your face”.

Speaking of washing your face, you will have to brush your teeth and use a facial scrub… Seriously! Even if you are not pregnant, washing your teeth in the middle of the day or in the morning, can make you feel so nice. You feel:

“I did something very nice for my teeth!”
“My breath smells better!”
“I used to this when I was getting ready for a date. I must be young again!”
(In case you have toddlers watching) “I am setting a good example!”
“I successfully completed a mission!” (Self-esteem booster)

Now what is the story behind the facial scrubbing?

I truly feel that some amount of make-up is important but I never had special make-up brushes and a make-up room or a proper mirror…

And I went without using a facial scrub for months. OK…years.

At the same time, I am a huge fan of the BB cream I use. I apply it with a concealer (Estee Lauder if you were curious) and it is The solution for me when I wish to hide my uneven skin. I used to look unnatural with all the foundations I applied on, before so this was revolutionary for me.

But(!) one day, my BB cream started flaking on my face and I was convinced that they changed the formula and there goes my luck… Well, it turned out that if you never use a facial scrub, your dead skin will eventually migrate from your face. Nasty, really…

Let us jump to the next chapter: you need some make-up (in my opinion).


I took this picture yesterday. I will start my 37th week of my pregnancy, tomorrow and I look normal, right?!

So before I start my mini lecture, the sunglasses and the top I am wearing are from here.

All you need to do is apply minimum two things that are noticeable. It is that simple. I prefer to use an eye pencil that is white or pistachio colored and I really like my purple mascara.

Next chapter: let your hair down and put some hair product in it. Gel, moose, wax whatever. Make an effort.

Before you frown, you can of course wear your hair in a bun IF
– you have crazy gorgeous hair
– you have a somewhat unique hair color
– you are wearing a lot of make-up so you look chick no matter what


I am focusing entirely on wearing make-up and having a hair with a palm full of moose in it, right?!

Right. This is what works for me. This is reasonable I think because it can be done under five minutes. And if you have a pretty face, you can get away with the rest… HUGS, Eszter @zoardminiboy on Instagram


2 thoughts on “How To Be Pretty (and Pregnant)

  1. Hhmm, not sure what I think about this article. It seems a little condescending. I’m sure most women wash their face, pregnant or not. You can of course wear your hair in a bun IF….?

    Also, I appreciate that English isn’t your first language, but it needs proof-reading.

    Mousse, chic, you brush your teeth, and wash your face.

    • My mother also wrote back that I made so many mistakes in this post. I guess blogging is not all about positive encouragements from your readers. HAHA I know a lot of mamas who do not wash their face or have time for a shower. I am on the edge sometimes to be one of them. Everything I post, I tell myself as well. And about being condescending, absolutely! I do value more those who make an effort. Superficial efforts count as well. At the same time, you should stand strong in your believes and not be bothered by my views. If not focusing on looks, as much as I am suggesting here – “your thing”, go for it. It is unrealistic to think that everyone will be able to relate positively to what I write…

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