New in Town?!

We have been back in Barcelona for a month now. I can share with you how I get by, however, you have to keep in mind that maybe my situation is a bit unique in the sense, that You might be more keen on socializing than I am at the moment.

I saw my midwife again yesterday and she is convinced that I am going to give birth within a week. I disagree with what her instincts dictate her but it still leaves me in  an awkward position.

I would like to go swimming with Zoard but am I risking something here?! There is a singing group today that I am found of but is there a possibility I will be among sick children?!

Anyways, I joined a few groups of expats and this is what I suggest to everyone who is new in Barcelona. And it does not matter what groups you join as long as you can connect with people who are similar to you.

I am very confident to ask for help and maybe that is not true for everyone but I am very aware of how I behaved in the past: I always helped others whenever I could, so I feel it is alright to lean on others, now that I am in need of help.

You can contact me here or write me a direct message on Instagram if you need help finding some groups for parents living in Barcelona. I am very active on Instagram so that is your best bet if you want me to react quickly. @zoardminiboy is my username.


As you can see, I might be more at home on toddler- or pregnant related questions but feel free to bomb me with anything that comes to your mind, if you just recently moved to Barcelona.


I can already tell you that we know a few places where you can eat piadina in Gracia. Zoard was keeping an eye on our night snack yesterday. Yes, we have started waking up late, going to bed late… You can easily find us walking around the neighborhood, after sunset.


A few days ago, it became colder but still we have no reason to complain. Barcelona is truly lovely!

xoxo, Eszter @zoardminiboy



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