Assya: 1 week old


Barcelona, 23rd of December, 2015

Assya was born at 41 weeks +6 days. The inducing of her birth took more than 24 hours.

I got the “chemicals” for the induction: Penicillin for Strep B; later: Oxytocin  and Epidural twice.

Yes, I was allowed to skip the Cesarean this time. The delivery was vacuum-assisted which made me upset at first but I had to change my attitude quickly (from pouting) to focusing and the team was very satisfied with my pushing skills. And I was utterly surprised by the task. I am sure it is a different experience when you do not have a vacuum buddy in the race or when you are not on epidural but I was positively surprised how easy the whole thing was. “I just have to hold my breath and push?!” I am good at holding my breath… I used to be a mermaid.


My Captain in Life

I cannot put in to words how much help I got from my husband in bringing Assya to this world and still do. Assya will have a mother and an angel guide her through life. When sometimes I am being asked: “and does your husband know how to change a diaper?!”, I always freeze for a second. “He is teaching me everything there is to know…” Seriously. You do not want to see how I do some occasional burping for Assya…

Assya is being held a lot and breastfed by demand.

She had her first check-up today and she gained almost 500 grams in a week.

She is now the same weight as she was born: 3870 gramm (8.53pounds).
Her height is now: 52,5 cm-s (20.6 inches)

I am wearing a nursing top that is also an active wear by ingridandisabel.
Assya is being snug and tight in her halosleepsack.

Thank you for reading this and I will be back with baby fashion and nursing fashion tips.

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41 weeks pregnant

I am back with another update. And this is my last one because I will not reach week 42 of this pregnancy for sure. Fingers crossed that Assya will join us in pleasant conditions.

I had heart monitoring today and everything is still good. I will have to go every second day now. We have 5 more days before the hospital induces labor.

I will write a little birth plan today. It will not be too long. I would like Assya to stay with me at all times, when it is possible. I am planning on exclusively breastfeeding as I did with Zoard. And though I am not a vegetarian anymore, I am still a picky eater so I will ask for vegetarian meals at the hospital. Because I remember that it was delicious in 2013… Is this something you put in your birth plan?! I am such a pig. HAHA

I am at home with Zoard but I really wanted to post some (maybe) last pictures of my belly. I took them with a timer and Zoard joined me in a few shots but I really think he prefers to be in pictures without me. HAHA


This is our belly shot. I am 57 kg-s and Zoard is about 14-15 kg-s.


We are both wearing maternity clothes. 


I was being artsy here with the negative space. And yes, I did tone my hair since my last post, at a hair salon. 

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How to Dress a Winter Baby?

Zoard was born in January, in fact he will be 3 years old exactly a month from now. So if we were obsessive fans of the number 16, we would have all fingers and toes crossed for Assya to arrive today.

We are fine waiting for her and we are well prepared by now.

One question I was confused about while I was pregnant with Zoard is how to dress a baby, who makes his/her first appearance in winter time.

And now that I am experienced, I think that you need to know some facts about ideal temperature for a newborn and observe your surroundings or just trust your cultural believes if that is what suits you the most.

The safest room temperature for a newborn is between 16 degrees (Celsius) and 20.

Let us translate this: bodysuit and footed sleep suit (when shopping, you might come across the terms footie or footsieonesie or rompers).

For night time, use a sleeping bag designed for babies. I will post about my favorite brand, once Assya gets here.

Speaking of brands, I would like you to be introduced to Iglo + Indi.

Their philosophy combines playfulness and being practical.

For me, looks and the material of baby clothes is essential. I probably make a bigger fuss about this than most people.

I used to be all about Scandinavian children’s clothes but I can proudly announce that this brand is from Reykjavik so I have expanded my horizons. (Though the head designer Helga Olafsdottir studied fashion design in Denmark…)

The fabrics of these beauties are beyond exceptional and tear resistant! And let me show you what they look like with a few of my flat lays.


My husband, recently changed his deodorant because of the chemicals that were used in production, so I think this is a topic more and more parents are also interested in. The factories that make these baby clothes for Iglo + Indi provide healthy and fair conditions for everyone involved in the manufacturing. This includes the entire supply chain, chemical and biodegradability wise.

Thank you for reading!

xoxo Eszter
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What to Do Past Your Due Date

Here is a list of what to do past your due date:

1. Answer the stupid questions because they are part of life and “do not sweat the small stuff”; it is not the first time in your life that you get questions you would rather not receive.

2. Control your thoughts. Do you have time to worry or think about how to naturally induce labor when you are busy changing diapers, five times in an hour?! This is what happened to me but it is an example of course, my point is that if you occupy your mind, you will not have time to get anxious.

3. You must be passionate about something! Make the most of the little time you have, to do those two or three things, you really love to do.



I like taking pictures and baking. And eating. See?! Three things I am passionate about…

4. If you think being past your due date is “something big”, you can always make a memory of it. Record it. Ask someone to take a video of you, pictures… whatever rocks your boat.



Bra and nursing hoodie can be ordered from BoobDesign. You can also shop for maternity wear here!

5. Pamper yourself. And be a hamster or an ant… Meaning, this is the time to get ready for what is ahead of you. And you are fortunate, you have more time than others might have had, to collect nuts and berries for later. If I lost you on that one, no worries! Have your nails done and put more food in the freezer. Yes, freezing pumpkin pie does no harm to your pie. You can open my freezer…

Thanks for reading my blog and feel free to share any other ideas you might have. And I will answer your stupid questions for sure. HAHA But first let me change Zoard’s diaper for the 6th time.

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40 weeks pregnant with Assya

I just announced to Zoard that I am starting my alone time. He was not happy about this but now he is reading Squash and a Squeeze by Julia Donaldson so we are on good terms again.


This is me and Assya. Today is my due date so I was at the hospital this morning for a routine appointment. My next one is a week from now. I am allowed to wait for Assya without being induced for 41 weeks and 5 days. Which means, I have 12 more days… I was also advised to eat sweets to encourage Assya to move more. That is a good one! HAHA

Since I have plenty of time, I will ask my “cameraman” to take more pictures of me over the weekend. I will be advertising nursing clothes so it will be our practice. I hope I will have enough eyebrow gel until my mother visits us because a couple of days ago, a hair dresser left the bleach on too long, when I asked her to make my eyebrows the same shade as my hair…

Let me brag for a second and AFTERWARDS I will give you some hardcore facts about this pregnancy. Deal?!


This picture I took for Instagram was among the winners of the theme “yellow” on a page called @JJcommunity. This Instagram page has 636k followers and it is the largest photography community which I have been trying, for over a year, to be featured on. I have been nominated several times but yesterday, I was featured.

This is a big achievement for me and I am really happy about it. My Instagram account is called @zoardminiboy. It would be great to see more people show interest towards it. This account is really a nice way for me to use up my creative energies. I also enjoy the interactions with others but I have been banned from commenting for a week now so I guess, I will have to start reading more blogs instead. Instagram never explains why they restrict a user’s interactions so it can easily be a mistake made by them, nevertheless, I doubt they will make a correction on their part.


Zoard was born at week 41.
I just reached week 40 with Assya.

Total weight gain with both children: 12 kg-s. 26.45 pounds.

Zoard is the fruit of the 10th IUI in Bangkok.
Assya conceived naturally after trying for the first time to have a second child (in Barcelona).

First Trimester…
Both times, we were on Koh Samui. I slept a lot, I was nauseous but never vomited.
Both times, the doctor guessed our baby to be a boy.

Food cravings…
Craving something is part of who I am so it is nothing extra but if I had to name something that was seen more on my plate:

POTATOES (potato and carrot soup with sour cream or plain yogurt)

Second Trimester…
I was in Spain with Zoard and in Hungary with Assya. I regularly swam for 40 minutes. With Zoard I even visited the gym time to time for some light workout.

Third Trimester…
With Zoard, I had to put my feet up for a rest, many times.
With Assya, I had issues with my veins (found close to my bikini lines) but not wearing underwear helped this problem.

I mostly sleep on my left side. I put a pillow between my knees and I am propped up with lots of pillows. (At the time I was pregnant with Zoard, I had a maternity pillow which is great if you do not move homes a lot.)

With Zoard I bought pretty expensive maternity clothes and this time around, I planned on buying absolutely nothing. What does this mean in practice?!
I borrowed maternity clothes.
I wear some of my husband’s cardigans and sweaters.
I wear my looser non-maternity clothes.
But overall, my body appreciates maternity clothes for tops and as far as pants go, I really dislike the ones that have a special belly part to put on your tummy. I wear low cuts.

Hair and nails…
I had my hair and nails done a couple of times. I really think this is a matter of what you feel comfortable about. The last time, I had my roots colored was less than a week ago and the only reason, why my nails are left naturally at the moment is the price I would need to pay for them, here in Barcelona.

I read the latest views on what you cannot eat while being pregnant and I follow the recommendations. I stopped eating liver for example, I do not eat a lot of canned tunas, I say no to tiramisu. I try to eat more fruits even if they mean frozen ones.

I drink decaf coffee, occasionally but nowadays with Assya, it is slightly different because I became good friends with a warm drink called chicory.

Do I miss anything…
I was skinny and athletic looking before I became pregnant (I was still breastfeeding Zoard) and I think that look suited me. And I miss it at times.
It was nice to be able to walk up on steps or hills without running out of breath.
I miss picking up Zoard or being more free with him without worrying about Assya.
I would love to spend non-pregnant quality time with my husband but I truly feel that is more of a question of spending childless time together and it is not strongly in connection with having a pregnant belly or not.

Looking forward to…
Breastfeeding. Getting to know Assya. Eating a lot of comfort food. Enjoying the interactions of my husband and Assya, Zoard and Assya. Taking pictures for my Instagram account @zoardminiboy.

Thanks for reading!






39 weeks + 4 days

I saw a very nice pregnancy update here. I liked the categories she used to describe how she is doing…

And this lovely blogger wrote about her mixed feelings here, which is also interesting I think, because maybe I am too relaxed for  most of you, who are reading this. HAHA

Alright, and one more before I start my update. She has great pictures and her baby is Baby E like ME! Here you go..

Let me start off with a family picture to set the mood…


We took this yesterday with a timer and it is honest and good as it gets.

Would you like to see a picture from three years ago when I was pregnant with Zoard?  Why not, right?!


This picture is shockingly bad but as you can see I had a giant belly back then as well. And when I was out on the street I wore a pregnancy coat which did not help my “look”…

250. e jan. 05. első séta torokgyulladással

But at week 40 I found something black in my wardrobe which made a huge difference…

Did I satisfy your appetite for pictures?! You can find more on Instagram @zoardminiboy.

I will start with how I feel because that is what I am being asked the most.

I was very calm the last time and I am very calm this time. The only difference is that with Zoard I was confused about going past my due date with a whole week and the waiting game made me annoyed. I also remember that the weight of my belly bothered me more compared to this belly, even though I gained the same weight.

Why am I so calm?! Well, first of all in many cases, I do not pressure myself about anything that I will have to do, I am very tolerant of my laziness and I do not feel that I will have to achieve something, otherwise shame on me… So giving birth to me is like a program I am going to attend and I am sure someone will guide me in what to do.

I am not scared of pain. It is something I can control to some extent and I will do just that. I remember doing my breathing techniques so nicely the last time. I should re-watch a youtube video on this. Oh here is one, it just says breath slowly, great… it is what I planned to do!
You can watch this super short video here. And if you wish to practice, watch this. z

Alright I am not nervous but do I imagine how it will be?! Not really but when I talk to someone, I always mention a few worries of mine because I like the topic of pregnancy and labor and all that, I am just not particularly the type to stress over it. So I talk about things like, it will be interesting that I will have to find the reception area in the hospital… Or it would be a new experience if I were able to give birth naturally (last time a C-section had to be performed).

I have very positive feelings about Assya’s arrival. It is so nice that she will join us. I hope she will stay inside me as long as it is ideal because I know that brain development is essential even in the last few days. I do not desire her to come out today or tomorrow, I wish her to be born when it is the best time to be born. I can be patient and I was fascinated by how strong (and huge) Zoard was as a newborn and I think it was to his advantage. And if you ask about my fantasies?! I hope Assya will be a strong baby even if she will not be a giant.

There is no way, you are planning to read more so I will probably blog more about my pregnancy this week.

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Stay at Home Toddler?!

We decided not to send Zoard to pre-school or kindergarten for now. I am a great supporter of reaching out for help when there is a need, but I also think that in our case, the “price to pay was too high”.

I did not want Zoard to catch a virus from other children and then pass it on to me.

I also felt that I had some unfinished business with him. Namely, establishing a routine he can count on in our new home and he had a hard time accepting that sometimes we do not wish to entertain him (I call it alone time).


I spend a fair amount of time with Zoard. He enjoys playing parts of stories. I tell him a lot of stories and I am guessing, he might have more books than an average 2 year old… I highly enjoy picking out books for him. Today I will tell Zoard the story of Tchaikovsky’s  Nutcracker. I hope it will cause him as much pleasure as the story of Rudolf the reindeer. See picture above…


As you know, Instagram plays a big part in our everyday lives. Zoard understands a lot about my account @zoardminiboy. He is enjoying being part of this hobby that is strongly connected with what I do in my alone time. I really like playing around with all the accessories and clothes Zoard receives and I became very selective on what we give our names to, so it is really a treat to collaborate with nice people who are behind the shops that sell beautiful children’s clothes.

Insta shop products seen specifically on these two captures are:

Beanie: LouisundLola
Hooded jumper: Mygaiaorganiccotton
Jacket: Little_indians
Sunglasses: Fjs_popshop



Getting back to what we do all day… I try to take Zoard out on a so-called adventure whenever I can. However, I do have to remind myself that I am now super close to giving birth so I have to hold myself back. Last week we went to IKEA to grab a few, not heavy items. We took a few public transportation to get there and it is among those things that I should not do anymore…


Visiting friendly cafes, not beyond far from us, is a better idea (unless it requires taking a train like we did yesterday…)
Cafe: Nata Lisboa Barcelona


Being spontaneous is essential when you wish to have a good time with your toddler. For example, I personally dislike toys that make a noise but I do not deny Zoard from sitting on them…


And sometimes I just give hime a break. I let him learn how to cope with his own mood swings without making a big deal about it.

Now I am off to do some cooking with Zoard. He LOVES that as well.  After lunch, we will both hopefully take a nap without any “misunderstandings”. And I will have an exciting post up on Instagram after we wake up so see you there!!!

xoxo, Eszter @zoardminiboy