39 weeks + 4 days

I saw a very nice pregnancy update here. I liked the categories she used to describe how she is doing…

And this lovely blogger wrote about her mixed feelings here, which is also interesting I think, because maybe I am too relaxed for  most of you, who are reading this. HAHA

Alright, and one more before I start my update. She has great pictures and her baby is Baby E like ME! Here you go..

Let me start off with a family picture to set the mood…


We took this yesterday with a timer and it is honest and good as it gets.

Would you like to see a picture from three years ago when I was pregnant with Zoard?  Why not, right?!


This picture is shockingly bad but as you can see I had a giant belly back then as well. And when I was out on the street I wore a pregnancy coat which did not help my “look”…

250. e jan. 05. első séta torokgyulladással

But at week 40 I found something black in my wardrobe which made a huge difference…

Did I satisfy your appetite for pictures?! You can find more on Instagram @zoardminiboy.

I will start with how I feel because that is what I am being asked the most.

I was very calm the last time and I am very calm this time. The only difference is that with Zoard I was confused about going past my due date with a whole week and the waiting game made me annoyed. I also remember that the weight of my belly bothered me more compared to this belly, even though I gained the same weight.

Why am I so calm?! Well, first of all in many cases, I do not pressure myself about anything that I will have to do, I am very tolerant of my laziness and I do not feel that I will have to achieve something, otherwise shame on me… So giving birth to me is like a program I am going to attend and I am sure someone will guide me in what to do.

I am not scared of pain. It is something I can control to some extent and I will do just that. I remember doing my breathing techniques so nicely the last time. I should re-watch a youtube video on this. Oh here is one, it just says breath slowly, great… it is what I planned to do!
You can watch this super short video here. And if you wish to practice, watch this. z

Alright I am not nervous but do I imagine how it will be?! Not really but when I talk to someone, I always mention a few worries of mine because I like the topic of pregnancy and labor and all that, I am just not particularly the type to stress over it. So I talk about things like, it will be interesting that I will have to find the reception area in the hospital… Or it would be a new experience if I were able to give birth naturally (last time a C-section had to be performed).

I have very positive feelings about Assya’s arrival. It is so nice that she will join us. I hope she will stay inside me as long as it is ideal because I know that brain development is essential even in the last few days. I do not desire her to come out today or tomorrow, I wish her to be born when it is the best time to be born. I can be patient and I was fascinated by how strong (and huge) Zoard was as a newborn and I think it was to his advantage. And if you ask about my fantasies?! I hope Assya will be a strong baby even if she will not be a giant.

There is no way, you are planning to read more so I will probably blog more about my pregnancy this week.

Thanks for reading and see you on Instagram @zoardminiboy!!!




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