What to Do Past Your Due Date

Here is a list of what to do past your due date:

1. Answer the stupid questions because they are part of life and “do not sweat the small stuff”; it is not the first time in your life that you get questions you would rather not receive.

2. Control your thoughts. Do you have time to worry or think about how to naturally induce labor when you are busy changing diapers, five times in an hour?! This is what happened to me but it is an example of course, my point is that if you occupy your mind, you will not have time to get anxious.

3. You must be passionate about something! Make the most of the little time you have, to do those two or three things, you really love to do.



I like taking pictures and baking. And eating. See?! Three things I am passionate about…

4. If you think being past your due date is “something big”, you can always make a memory of it. Record it. Ask someone to take a video of you, pictures… whatever rocks your boat.



Bra and nursing hoodie can be ordered from BoobDesign. You can also shop for maternity wear here!

5. Pamper yourself. And be a hamster or an ant… Meaning, this is the time to get ready for what is ahead of you. And you are fortunate, you have more time than others might have had, to collect nuts and berries for later. If I lost you on that one, no worries! Have your nails done and put more food in the freezer. Yes, freezing pumpkin pie does no harm to your pie. You can open my freezer…

Thanks for reading my blog and feel free to share any other ideas you might have. And I will answer your stupid questions for sure. HAHA But first let me change Zoard’s diaper for the 6th time.

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