Eco-Friendly Fashion Lover?! It is Possible.

On The Street
Swedish Fashion in Hungary

We became an Eco-Friendly family 2 years ago. In this post I will focus on our kids’ clothes…

I have learned the following:

1. Start investing in sustainable clothing and companies.

2. Do your research to make sure the clothes you are buying are not from a fast fashion brand doing GREEN WASHING.

3. Focus on buying clothes, which are great quality (used of not used). These outfits might cost more, but it will be worth seeing them in great condition, even after years.

4. Be practical. For example, some kids are not meant to wear super thin pants.

Here is a shop, I can highly recommend because when I read a blog, I am always saying to myself: “be specific, please!”


So let us go over my suggestions by looking at what my son and what my daughter is wearing here.

Frida & Fritiof is a value driven company, where you will find sustainable products. All of these brands seen on my children, can be found at Frida & Fritiof.

The dress and the thick pants (see my 4th point HAHA) are from Mini Rodini.

The T-shirt is from Pigeon Organics.

The part I wrote about research, well, it really has to be done. We cannot go on supporting companies that do harm to our Planet, that are not kind to their workers etc.

Children’s clothes CAN BE PASSED ON to others in a superb condition. But only, if the clothes are made with high quality.

I do not wish to sound like a grandma but in the old days, people had less clothes but the clothes were made out of resistant, “tough” fabrics. The children clothes were saved and handed over to the next generation.

I am doing the same. The clothes my son and daughter are wearing today, will be either given to their kids or they will be gifted to a kindergarten for the homeless.

What are your thoughts on this matter?

Hugs, Eszter
@zoardandassya on Instagram


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