I am Looking for a Penfriend for my Baby

I really think Zoard should socialize with other toddlers so if you know one… who happens to be in Bangkok.

Yes, we are currently in Bangkok so please make sure the toddler you find us is also here. Preferably near a BTS station. You think I should be slightly more flexible?! OK a baby near an MRT station is also welcomed.

Zoard will be 20 months old in a week or so.
He is very chatty so to show you how really flexible I am Your toddler does not have to be a great penpal but he or she should be able to speak some English. Zoard can say around 300 words now so your baby should know at least 30. Or 13.
Zoard currently loves vans with slide doors, long red buses, pink taxis and dark blue cars. Elevators and escalators are a plus.
Please do not bring any sugar to the play date. If you insist on bringing some snacks to share, how about some apples, oranges or rambutan…

We could meet anywhere as long as climbing, running, jumping, going under pillow bridges is involved.

Your toddler is not stylish?! No worries! There is no judging on our part but if you are wondering where Zoard’s organic cotton leggings and beanies are from… Check out Littlefaces.

jenn (1)
Call us.

perfect shouting
Or give us a shout.

Find Zoard on Instagram:    krokovayeszter is my username. 

Have a loving day!!!



Aussie Kids Here I Come

When the hotel we live in (runned by my husband) has a full house it usually means we have to move to the last room available, anywhere in the hotel. Well this time even that last room is taken so we had to move out for a few days. I am not going to complain.

And I kept myself busy even though in the mornings we go back to our hotel until lunch time and I have to entertain Zoard which is not easy (for me) and at this hotel we are staying at, they gave away their last cot. It just means our quality of sleep became pretty bad. HAHA

On Instagram I became the moderator of a page called @AUSSIE_KIDS. So anyone reading this who likes to tag pictures with their son, daughter, niece, nephew little cousin etc. on it, follow this page and use the hashtag #aussie_kids.

You can also follow me if you like @krokovayeszter

Zoard became the brand representative of another cute company that specializes on moccasins. They were eager to find two little boys to market their moccasins so I assume the fall collection will have more unisex and boyish pieces. This is especially exciting for us because Zoard is bare feet day and night but we often talk about this phenomenon with my husband.  In general, we are doing the right thing of letting him walk around like a little son of Nature but these moccasins are soft shoes so we should use them at least when the pavement is hot. Anyways, for me this is more about helping an entrepreneur. We really do not need free clothes and shoes since Zoard is happy as one can be basically being naked.

Please take a look at the Litte Bean Footwear if you have a little one at home or you like to give presents to younger children.

I took pictures as well that I am not going to share on Instagram because if there is a series of pictures I only pick out one to share. In rare occasions two.

He is saying two jet skis or two speed boats or two big airplanes… HAHA


Here he only saw one jet ski or speed boat or big airplane in which case pointing is enough. 

Have a nice day!!


A Day in The Hotel We Live in

When you live in a five star hotel, nobody else has to feel empathy towards you. Seriously. I UNDERSTAND. Why would anyone think about how it must be tough for us that we sometimes lack privacy? I am not comparing ourselves to celebrities but I too have to think twice once I leave our room.

When more than 100 people work for a hotel, you know you will bump in to someone in less than two minutes. This is why, I decided to start a mini project. I will take pictures of Zoard interacting with others. 

Zoard likes to make the first move towards others. Once he has done this, he is really kind and friendly. The challenge for me is to make the situation not so uncomfortable when someone is too eager to become BBF with Zoard. 

Zoard likes it when he can watch someone or even help out like he did today. Picking grass with one of the gardeners was something that really suited him:

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

He prefers to be independent and he does not stand in line to be picked up with a few exceptions. All buggy (golf cart that takes the guests up and down the mountain) drivers are a saint and he knows that hanging out with them is a treat. So even if others are decorating the reception (which is also quite cool…) he will prefer a saintly driver:

others (3)

others bee

If I am not around, which is almost never than selfies are popular with Zoard but how much nicer it is when I offer to take a picture (which I will do more in the future).

others harris

How would you describe your child when it comes to socializing?