Always Remember That You are Absolutely Unique.

As I get older I wish to blend in more and be less of a rebel. Especially, now that I am a parent. At the same time, it is fun to be unique. 

On Sundays, we not only have the ritual now to leave the hotel we live in but we also try to have lunch at the same place whenever it is possible. 

Since nobody who is reading this blog post lives on this island, it does not matter what the place is called. Plus I forgot. Imagine a hidden, tiny Japanese restaurant. They have maybe three tables in front and three in the back. You have to wait for your food for 40 minutes in average. Our trick is to be the first ones when they open at noon. 

The owner is a very old-fashioned Japanese guy. He does not want to get rich by owning the best Japanese restaurant on the island and for this reason, advertising and having space for parking is not important for him. 

We are probably the only ones who come to his restaurant with a child this young.
Do people give Japanese food to toddlers where you live? 

This was actually one topic we are kind of unique in. At least here so let me know your thoughts. The other topic is related to my last post. What do you think about styling the way your children look?  By styling I mean making an effort when it comes to the clothes and accessories your children wear. How much do you spend on your childrens’ wardrobe and what is your opinion on the matter?

I actually do not have a clue on how much I spend on Zoard. What I do know is that I try to shop for his new clothes when they are on sale. I did my last big shopping for him on Black Friday. And we bought a few things for my new hobby. I started understanding that if I wish Zoard to represent a small clothing company than I need my pictures to be a little less unique. We also “had to” buy some black, white and grey clothes for him in Malaysia. I think Thai children are wearing Angry Birds and Doremon most of the time which is not the look I am going for. 

Zoard is going to be representing a brand called Little Faces. And they actually liked the picture of Zoard being quite colorful. Here is their website. I will write more about them when we will start getting cute clothes from them. I am practicing every single day to improve my skills as a photographer and I am really doing it with great passion which is very good I think. Here is the picture of Zoard that was chosen (five other children will be representing Little Faces for the fall):


The picture was cropped when I entered Little Faces’ brand representative search. You can see all my pictures on Instagram: krokovayeszter is my account name. Or you can click here