Diary of a Mother of 2

Catchy title, right?! I am going to have fun with this one (this post)! It is crazy how much time passed since my last post. Were we still in Thailand at the time?! Probably. And we will be on Samui again, you just wait for my next post. But as for now, we are in Budapest. I am enjoying everyday life with Assya and Zoard. Assya will be 8 months old on the 23rd of this month (August) and Zoard is 3.5 years old.

Assya is exploring a toy box.
Zoard is singing to himself in his room. Occasionally he lets me know how lonely he is.It is nap time. For him.

Going out:
This is what I am most proud of. I take the kids out a lot. In the morning and in the afternoon. I organize an insane amount of playdates and we use public transportation on a daily basis. Assya is not so much a fan after a certain time so I usually take her out of her stroller and she sits in my lap or I take the carrier with me.






I still take pictures as you can see. I started a collection of Zoard pushing Assya. On Instagram I have started a tag #pushingassya. Please let me know if you also have a hashtag of your own. I was inspired by a few mamas who have been doing their own tags and projects, I find it lovely!


Zoard still hasn’t started his afternoon nap which is frankly, quite bad. He should be napping between 2 and 4 and now it is 3pm. It will be very difficult waking him up, once he falls asleep, not to mention that he will not be tired until 10. But we will be.

Our bedroom is super dark in the mornings, and I am usually quiet and slow when I am waken up by Zoard, but let me see if I can find any pictures… morning (or sleeping) related.

Cute picture but around dawn, I am too sleepy to put Assya back in her cot and Zoard climbs in our bed at …who knows when… I just notice my bed space shrinking… so this is NOT a morning shot.


I really took this one in the morning. Zoard was showing us what he looks like when he is asleep.

You see how small our bed is?! Imagine me and my husband in it and these two, plus the swan! HAHA


We eat a lot but it is not so flattering to take pictures of anyone while they have tasty or not so tasty food hanging out of their mouth.


She is not crying. She is grateful. We are doing baby led weaning again. (Assya is making friends with some apples.)


Carrots… yumm!


By the way, my husband does most of the cooking.


Zoard still eats healthy foods but like I said, I tend not to take pictures of him doing so.


On the other hand, you can find lots of pictures of me nursing Assya. I feel very strongly about breastfeeding.  And she is still just playing with the vegetables and fruits we give her so basically, breastmilk is all she gets. We do not give her water either.



Here is a shot of one of the coolest playdates we had. Do you see a pattern here?!
You can find Kriszta’s blog here.

Assya is telling me I must stop right now and play with her. Yes, ma’am

See you on Instagram @zoardandassya!








I Need To Change – You Will Agree

Today I realized (again) that I am not the mother of the year when it comes to “introducing solid foods”. 

Five days from now, we will step in to a different world. No more isolation. I might even meet up with other mothers and their babies. And the question will come up: what and how does Zoárd eat.

Like a dog… I put food from my plate in to his mouth while he is standing next to me. 

How sweet: father and son tea time? No. Our son is waiting for the left-overs.

The situation is not as bad as I make it sound. I hope. But I need to go towards more traditional ways of offering food to our little one.

Since we live in a hotel room, you can guess that in our room, we do not have a high chair and a lovely, round, family table to sit down to. Zoárd can either sit on the floor or stand.

He was playing with his rocker when I surprised him with a bib and some fresh mango. 

It is not like we are banned from the restaurant of the hotel. We have lunch there every day.

Zoárd loves the restaurant but he is not used to sitting in a high chair for long.

And lunch time is not his favorite time of the day to be tasting new flavors. But in this picture I popped some fresh coconut in his mouth and he was very thrilled about it. Stop judging me, he is a baby. This is his happy face. HAHA

I think we can put a check mark next to “showing the restaurant”. And now you already know what I am trying to improve in the future.

Here we are with proper pureed food, which I am spoon feeding Zoárd. 

The chefs who cook for us are Hungarian. If you were wondering. There are four of them and I have a list in my room to help me order my food. I am a picky eater and I figured out that these four guys have different strengths.

All of them can make me a ratatouille with rice noodles but only one of them puts his heart in it. Oh if they would know my little rating system… HAHA

The head chef always makes me my noodle with parmesan and buffalo mozzarella cheese. Tomatoes are a must in all meals of mine.

Exceptions do exist. Strictly on Sundays. (I only eat sweets on Sundays.)

Do you have a favorite snack?

Weekend Photo Challenge /Week 3/ – Show That Titi Outfit Of The Day

I am not going to put the word “titi” among the tags for this post -that is for sure. HAHA
I know, I know I was the one to pick this provoking title for my post to begin with…

Here is the deal. I do not want to bite off more than I can chew. All week I took notes to make sure I get everyone down who will participate in this week’s photo challenge. I am not going to check on you guys one by one (though I could not resist sending out reminders).
To start out with, I might be fast asleep by the time you will make your post because of the time difference. If you said you are in I take it you are in. I am happy to share a link to your blog!

Here are my pictures for both category:

In our world there are only working days. My husband does not have a day off. There are no weekends in a five star hotel. So I cannot say “I only dress up nicely on the weekends” or “I only have real outfits on the weekdays”. It is up to me really. I never stay naked that is what I can tell you. HAHA

And to do it like the pro-s…
My shorts are from: lynaround (they have a funky website if you are interested).
My top is from lee (as in Lee Cooper but the little boutique that did not make it for more than a year in Budapest just had the sign “Lee” above the shop).

This is the only way Zoárd eats. We started giving him solids BLW style which means he only played with the cooked vegetables placed in front of him. It will take him a while to understand that he can put the food in his own mouth.

More information on this method can be read here.

As for the photo challenge I have more baby topics for the next 5 weeks. And we can also do outfit of the days on these Saturdays. Leave a comment letting me know if you are in for next week so I can share the link to your blog.

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2nd of November – hey that is my BIRTHDAY!!! Anyways Out & About is the topic.

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Back From Bangkok

We left the island and our current home (a five star hotel my husband runs) to spend two nights in Bangkok. 

I love business trips that Zoárd and I can tag along. This particular one was superb! So many things happened to Zoárd for the very first time. It was exciting to witness it all!

My husband and I had to come up with a plan to change our diets after this trip ended. I will share some details on that as well.

We have been to Bangkok at least 15 times. Bangkok is huge, lively and you can see many interesting things. Sadly, the air pollution is so horrible it is wise to stay indoors. 

It is not a baby friendly city. My husband had to carry our strollers up stairs a dozens of times each day. We tried to use our baby carrier as an alternative but everything is only a success story for a while. At least with Zoárd.

This was taken at a mall after Zoárd’s nap. He was satisfied with his situation at the time. We were trying to find an HTC case for my husband. People spend so much money on gadgets here. You would think: “who doesn’t?!” Fair enough but Thai-s do not earn as much as Westerners and they take a bank loan so it is not surprising to see staff with similarly good cell phones as my husband’s. Which is just something that I find interesting. 

What I  noticed in Asia (Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia) is that you do not have to blush to have your picture taken with large stuffed animals. Which is good news for me!

I was explaining to my husband that someone we know was complaining about small things in relation with a hotel room. And there was a period when I did the same. Reflecting on it I would say it is the syndrome of “being wealthy for five minutes already and you think nothing is good enough for you”. I am glad I can see this now and I started to appreciate again the hotels we stay in. 

I placed the duvet on top of the carpet and Zoárd loved it. These two pictures really happened at the same time. I was sitting on the sofa looking at my boys reading. I felt great!

Zoárd had a nice time in the hotel for sure!

We took him for a swim which we never do at our hotel.

My husband was very confident about our pool adventure and after a few minutes I stopped thinking about pigeons bathing in this city pool.

Zoárd also had his first shower!

And he sat up! So Baby Led Weaning is around the corner. 

We were having lunch at Hyatt Erawan and a waitress asked us if we wanted a high chair for Zoárd. Our answer used to be no thank you, he cannot sit with self-control. This time we said yes so Zoárd sat in a chair for the very first time! It was awesome to watch him!

We do not mind spending money on food but with clothes it is a different matter. Especially since I told myself I will not shop clothes for a good while. I am already passed a quarter of a year so I am taking it seriously! However, I could not resist trying on this beanie even if it was for men. I liked it but it was over a 100 dollars! Hm. No thank you!

Mos Burger. It’s Japanese, it’s fast food. I became a vegetarian because of fast food! I used to flip burgers. But when you are at a shopping mall hungry as a beast sometimes you go for the easiest lunch option. A lettuce fish burger! I ate it without cheese, without onions, without mayo. Like I said: lettuce fish burger!

After you see my other Japanese inspired lunch you will think I have an Angel and a Devil inside my head when it comes to picking out my meals. And you are right.

I would love to explain to you what a pig I am (when the devil inside my head wins) but I want this story to be short. I can eat lots of desserts. And it is not cool anymore! This is a cheddar cheese and honey toast with ice cream.

Resolution: no more desserts in Thailand. My husband is joining me on this.  

Do you feel you have to be radical with some things in order to stop yourself from doing an act that you would be ashamed of later?