Diary of a Mother of 2

Catchy title, right?! I am going to have fun with this one (this post)! It is crazy how much time passed since my last post. Were we still in Thailand at the time?! Probably. And we will be on Samui again, you just wait for my next post. But as for now, we are in Budapest. I am enjoying everyday life with Assya and Zoard. Assya will be 8 months old on the 23rd of this month (August) and Zoard is 3.5 years old.

Assya is exploring a toy box.
Zoard is singing to himself in his room. Occasionally he lets me know how lonely he is.It is nap time. For him.

Going out:
This is what I am most proud of. I take the kids out a lot. In the morning and in the afternoon. I organize an insane amount of playdates and we use public transportation on a daily basis. Assya is not so much a fan after a certain time so I usually take her out of her stroller and she sits in my lap or I take the carrier with me.






I still take pictures as you can see. I started a collection of Zoard pushing Assya. On Instagram I have started a tag #pushingassya. Please let me know if you also have a hashtag of your own. I was inspired by a few mamas who have been doing their own tags and projects, I find it lovely!


Zoard still hasn’t started his afternoon nap which is frankly, quite bad. He should be napping between 2 and 4 and now it is 3pm. It will be very difficult waking him up, once he falls asleep, not to mention that he will not be tired until 10. But we will be.

Our bedroom is super dark in the mornings, and I am usually quiet and slow when I am waken up by Zoard, but let me see if I can find any pictures… morning (or sleeping) related.

Cute picture but around dawn, I am too sleepy to put Assya back in her cot and Zoard climbs in our bed at …who knows when… I just notice my bed space shrinking… so this is NOT a morning shot.


I really took this one in the morning. Zoard was showing us what he looks like when he is asleep.

You see how small our bed is?! Imagine me and my husband in it and these two, plus the swan! HAHA


We eat a lot but it is not so flattering to take pictures of anyone while they have tasty or not so tasty food hanging out of their mouth.


She is not crying. She is grateful. We are doing baby led weaning again. (Assya is making friends with some apples.)


Carrots… yumm!


By the way, my husband does most of the cooking.


Zoard still eats healthy foods but like I said, I tend not to take pictures of him doing so.


On the other hand, you can find lots of pictures of me nursing Assya. I feel very strongly about breastfeeding.  And she is still just playing with the vegetables and fruits we give her so basically, breastmilk is all she gets. We do not give her water either.



Here is a shot of one of the coolest playdates we had. Do you see a pattern here?!
You can find Kriszta’s blog here.

Assya is telling me I must stop right now and play with her. Yes, ma’am

See you on Instagram @zoardandassya!








I am Looking for a Partner

I have been exercising in the morning. Assya usually watches me from our bed or her rocker. And Zoard is either folding clothes on our bed, getting his friends dressed up or he is painting.

So as you can imagine, my exercising routine is quick and you can even do it in the company of two children in the room.

It would help me if I would know that someone else is doing the exercising with me.

We could drop each other a message once we completed the daily exercising.

Here it is.

I do the 4 workouts 3 times as you can read about it in the post.

It takes less than 20 minutes.

I listen to this while I do the workouts. I think I repeat the song 3 or 4 times.

All you need is a towel and it is nicer to do the whole workout in shoes.

You can contact me on Instagram @zoardminiboy and we can talk about the details of our partnership.


I gave birth 3 months ago and I breastfeed. The exercising I am hoping you will join me in, will not affect your milk supply.

And yes, my nursing top can be bought online here.

I will hopefully get healthy with you!

xoxo, Eszter




Living in a Hotel with a Toddler

My plan is to write a post every day this months so comment below if you care to join in and if you already have, please leave a link to your latest blog post.

If you are new to this blog of mine: welcome!

Yesterday I wrote about Zoard’s (18 months old) daily routine and promised to continue it today.


When other mothers ask me about Zoard’s meals it is hard for me to tell them the exact reason why Zoard is not picky. However, I can tell you the facts that come to my mind:

Zoard is still being breast fed on demand (except when I know he only wants to breast feed because he is a bit frustrated about something). So maybe this does not count as ‘on the demand’.

We mostly eat healthy food around him. My husband follows a strict low-cholesterol diet and I like healthy food when I am not eating a dessert of some kind. HAHA

There is no sugar, nor salt in what Zoard eats.

He eats a lot of fish and salmon is his favorite.


Zoard sleeps between 1 and 3 in the afternoon since he was 10 months old if I remember correctly.


The interesting part is what I do with him when we cannot leave the hotel. For some reason, I cannot get to the pictures I want to use to demonstrate how we “hang out” outside our room but within the hotel’s area. Bummer. Well, when we leave the hotel…. My husband drives us all to a supermarket called Tesco Lotus or to one that is named Big C. This year Central Festival opened so that is also an alternative for us to go to. It is a mall that has a smaller supermarket called Tops Market which is more expensive than the other two but it has a bigger variety in products. We look for things such as whole wheat pasta or chicken liver.

We let Zoard take things off the shelves and build towers of them. Koh Samui is very child friendly and he never damages anything. We always put back everything after he is finished. Does this sound odd?


We mostly go to the mall to let Zoard walk freely without being in danger of getting hit by something or falling off a mountain or getting bit by a dog or snake. You know, the usual stuff. HAHA

Zoard might not be a fan of the Thai brand called CCdoubleO but I like that they copied Abercrombie and Fitch without being super expensive…

Zoard just woke up. Please feel free to comment…

10 Things I Was Uncertain About

There were questions that were on my mind a lot. In some sense, I became wiser and some of these topics are off my plate by now.
I can also say the opposite, there are still a few unanswered questions waiting for some wisdom…

1. “Will I always suffer from bloating?”

No. Lactose-free milk helps tremendously. I am also not shy to be considered the pickiest person on Earth. I have my list of vegetables I do not put in my mouth. I just tell people I do not like the taste of them. Do I miss eating beans, onions, cabbages etc? Sometimes so it was a nice surprise to find out that red lentils are safe to eat!

2. “Will I ever find matching clothes for the whole family without paying a lot?”

I found dhgate.com and we can all be cute pandas from now on. I should have known that the place that will have matching outfits for the whole family will be Asian. Hurray!

3. “Is it OK not to give any liquid to my baby besides breast milk?”

Zoárd only had orange juice twice for fun and that is it. He is almost 13 months old and he hadn’t even had a sip of water. Breast feeding really works for us. 
If you are interested in a different post of mine about breast feeding, you can read it here.

4. “Is sleep training for us?”

A few weeks ago, I was confident with Zoárd’s routine. He guided me so I knew, he takes his nap between 1 and 3 and that is about right if I wish to see him in bed by 8. He needs 5 hours of being active before falling asleep. He wakes up around half past 7. 
All I did was: I taught him that I change him in to his night clothes and he can be breast fed as long as he likes in our nursing chair. I also sing him one song and once he is done, I put him on his mattress. I lay next to him until he falls asleep. He cannot nurse himself to sleep but he can come close to me with his body. I prevent him from “playing” with my hair. From the 3rd or 4th night he gets the picture. The secret is I think the day time routine.

5. “Will my linea nigra vanish once and for all?”

It is still there slightly. I obviously do not sun bathe to make it worst (like I would have time HAHA).
It looked like this 7 months after Zoárd was born. I am talking about the dark line you get during pregnancy, look here.

6. “Will Zoárd be able to socialize normally?”

He is a tiny bit a loner but I think nobody can tell that he lived on a Thai island for 7 months. If you are curious about my knowledge on Thai babies, you can read everything here.

7. “Can my baby be around dogs?”

We were invited to hang around at a fellow baby’s home and they had a pet. Nothing happened. Zoárd is safe and healthy. I had no idea before…

8. “Will my baby learn to eat properly if we stick the food in his mouth?”

Zoárd does not suck on toys. We prefer not to put food in his hands because nothing goes in his mouth, he throws everything on the floor. We are currently at this stage.

9. “Cutting or not cutting your baby’s hair?”

You are welcome to take a guess. HAHA
I know this is not a very serious problem of ours. When someone imagines how I spend my day with a baby, I guess at times, these are the light questions I think about while watching him. Here is a day of our lives back in Thailand. 

10. “Will we ever have a home?”

Home is where your loved ones are and your underwears. 
First I lived in Hungary, then the US, Hungary again, US, Hungary, UK, Hungary, Thailand, Spain, then Thailand again, back to Spain.
You can read about our adventures as we lived in a hotel for a long, long, long time. Click here.

This turned out to be a pretty personal post. PPP. I hope you liked it! 
What questions are on your mind?




Weekend Photo Challenge /Week 5/ – This Will Not Make You Sleep!

I was looking forward to putting together today’s post. The only change I have made compared to the previous weeks is that I resigned from organizing others to join in. Nevertheless, everyone is welcomed to make a comment: let me know if you have made a post on this week’s challenge. Which was….


I took many pictures of Zoárd preparing for this post but the lights were less than perfect in his crib. Fortunately, he dozed off on his “play area”. I knew that I will only have one shot to take a picture of him. And how right I was! As soon as he heard what had happened he started posing and trying to catch the string of the camera. 

This was also a unique shot. Zoárd only falls asleep during feeding when it is night time. Not ideal for taking pictures. Aha! But he blinks! HAHA So this is what he looks like when he is sleeping (and when he is blinking…)


This dress has a story! And what a story! Have a look at it and take a guess how old was I when I purchased it… (my grandma and my mother chipped in so I can afford it – you will soon understand why this was an expensive dress…)

I was able to find the website of the company that sold this! Trying to translate it: it would be Shop of Original Objects. Sajátos Tárgyak Boltja in Hungarian. STB (which also means etc in Hungarian language).

The shop opened in 1981. I bought this dress in 1992 when I was 13 years old. Everything they sold were the product of artists studying at the art academy. The craftsmanship made everything pricey. For some reason, maybe because it was close to my elementary school, this place became popular among my classmates. If you were poor like my family you only bought something small like a peace of leather string. I tied it around my wrist and wore it for years!
When my 13th birthday came I was allowed to buy this dress for myself using some of my pocket money. I was thrilled!

Please have a look at the gallery of the shop. Your jaw will drop. Or maybe it will not but I can say for sure that now I would never shop at a place where everything looks medieval. It is truly interesting for me to see their collections.

Go on the word RUHA if you are interested to see the clothes they sell now.

Here I am at elementary school! Can you see which other girl shopped at the same shop sitting next to me…?

Here I am 9 months pregnant wearing the same dress. Ain’t this fun?! HAHA

I love it when I feel that I did not just buy something so it can collect dust in my closet. I think in this sense this is a success story.

If you would like to see other outfits and baby pictures that I took for this challenge, please do not hesitate to look at

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Do you have any clothes that you think were really worth buying?

Weekend Photo Challenge /Week 3/ – Show That Titi Outfit Of The Day

I am not going to put the word “titi” among the tags for this post -that is for sure. HAHA
I know, I know I was the one to pick this provoking title for my post to begin with…

Here is the deal. I do not want to bite off more than I can chew. All week I took notes to make sure I get everyone down who will participate in this week’s photo challenge. I am not going to check on you guys one by one (though I could not resist sending out reminders).
To start out with, I might be fast asleep by the time you will make your post because of the time difference. If you said you are in I take it you are in. I am happy to share a link to your blog!

Here are my pictures for both category:

In our world there are only working days. My husband does not have a day off. There are no weekends in a five star hotel. So I cannot say “I only dress up nicely on the weekends” or “I only have real outfits on the weekdays”. It is up to me really. I never stay naked that is what I can tell you. HAHA

And to do it like the pro-s…
My shorts are from: lynaround (they have a funky website if you are interested).
My top is from lee (as in Lee Cooper but the little boutique that did not make it for more than a year in Budapest just had the sign “Lee” above the shop).

This is the only way Zoárd eats. We started giving him solids BLW style which means he only played with the cooked vegetables placed in front of him. It will take him a while to understand that he can put the food in his own mouth.

More information on this method can be read here.

As for the photo challenge I have more baby topics for the next 5 weeks. And we can also do outfit of the days on these Saturdays. Leave a comment letting me know if you are in for next week so I can share the link to your blog.

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