I am Looking for a Partner

I have been exercising in the morning. Assya usually watches me from our bed or her rocker. And Zoard is either folding clothes on our bed, getting his friends dressed up or he is painting.

So as you can imagine, my exercising routine is quick and you can even do it in the company of two children in the room.

It would help me if I would know that someone else is doing the exercising with me.

We could drop each other a message once we completed the daily exercising.

Here it is.

I do the 4 workouts 3 times as you can read about it in the post.

It takes less than 20 minutes.

I listen to this while I do the workouts. I think I repeat the song 3 or 4 times.

All you need is a towel and it is nicer to do the whole workout in shoes.

You can contact me on Instagram @zoardminiboy and we can talk about the details of our partnership.


I gave birth 3 months ago and I breastfeed. The exercising I am hoping you will join me in, will not affect your milk supply.

And yes, my nursing top can be bought online here.

I will hopefully get healthy with you!

xoxo, Eszter




Pressure!!! Do-s and Don’t-s

All the do-s and don’t-s I collected are obviously my personal opinion on how to deal with certain pressures in your life. Or should I say HOW I DEAL WITH IT in MY LIFE. HAHA


Do give your baby containers and boxes.
Don’t try to make your baby sit up if he is not ready for it yet. What is the hurry?!

People eventually learn to sit up. There is absolutely no need in helping a baby learn to sit up. I was not born with “this wisdom”. I learned a lot from Janet
and I read:
Dear Parent: Caring for Infants Wit Respect by Magda Gerber


Do eat colorful things which you fancy.
Don’t eat anything you are not comfortable with.


Do accept where your body is at right now. Come up with goals which are realistic. I injured myself a month ago and I am still recovering from it. Today I was able to walk for 30 minutes and jog for 27 minutes. (My knee started hurting so I had to stop.)
Don’t compare yourself with the younger you. Live in the present Darling!



Do ask for help.
Don’t be shy to call out for help. (My baby is under that play mat.)